WSU Haka

WSU Haka, Haka is a traditional war dance from the Maori culture in New Zealand. This dance is practiced and performed before a rugby game by New Zealand All Blacks team to prepare themselves. The New Zealanders seem to not be the only team with this culture. 

A video of FNB WSU performing the Haka before their televised game against FNB Rhodes at Buffalo City Stadium went viral on social media and set comfortably on the number three spot of the most viewed and shared video in the history of Varsity Cup. When this video was uploaded different views were shared, concerns were raised and in the mist of mixed emotions the South African university rugby team FNB WSU were congratulated for adapting to this culture with the aim to bring excitement to Varsity Cup.

FNB WSU who are famously known by their supporters as the WSU All Blacks were inspired to introduce a Haka to their team after New Zealand emerged the victors and took home the Rugby World Cup trophy in 2015 which was hosted in England.

The FNB WSU All Blacks players were not just attracted by the Haka but also by the pace, the never say die attitude and aggressive running style of rugby New Zealand displayed on the field of play. They wanted to bring that winning culture to the WSU All Blacks Team and a Haka became the first thing they identified. Adopting the New Zealand culture is not something new in South Africa, as a number of coaches add aspects of the New Zealand style in their training manuals.