University Of Johannesburg Gym

University Of Johannesburg Gym, the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Gymnasium, which is run by UJ Sport, has introduced a testing campaign for staff and students to avert HIV and AIDS and related illnesses in the University setting. Working together with Campus Health, the two departments encourage the UJ populace to visit any of the four campuses’ gyms to get tested for HIV.
This comes after the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, introducing the Universal Test and Treat (UTT) campaign that aims to promote the 90-90-90 Strategy for HIV and AIDS in South Africa. The “90” refers to 90% of the population getting tested for HIV – and if there are any positives, that person would then be put on treatment to stay healthy and thus extending life.
The UJ community is urged to make use of every opportunity presented to them to test and know their HIV status. “The benefits of knowing your HIV status means you can be put on treatment immediately. The CD4 count is no longer a requirement to put patients on Anti-retroviral treatment (ARVs), says UJ Gymnasia Manager, Darshan Raman. “The UJ Gym will be conducting a series of Body Composition measurements, comprising of Weight, Height, BMI, Blood Pressure, Body Fat % and Girth Measurements. Please print your measurements tracker, prior to arriving at the gym,” he says.
Take note:
A body composition within the recommended range suggests you have less risk of developing obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even some cancers. In addition, although we face risks when our body composition is too high, we face another set of risks when our body composition is too low. When we drop below the minimal recommended levels of essential fat, we negatively affect the delivery of vitamins to the organs, the ability of the reproductive system to function, and overall well-being.
What to do with your results:
The results from your body composition assessment can be used to identify risks, personalise your exercise programme or evaluate how well your current exercise and nutrition programme is working for you. If you find that you are within a healthy range, continue your exercise and dietary behaviour. If you find that your body composition has room for improvement, take a closer look at what you can do to make positive changes to your current level of activity and diet.
Participation in regular exercise and physical activity along with a healthy balanced diet are the key to reaching and maintaining a healthy body composition.
Join the UJ Gym, visit the Campus Health clinics to learn and take steps in the right direction on your health status.
For more information:
Gymnasia: Email: – Tel: 0115594185
Campus Health: Email: Email: – Tel: 0115594962