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Mtech University Of Johannesburg, the Resolution Circle​ is a hub for incubation of small businesses, service provision to industry as well as product and process development.  We help our clients expand their business potential through expert advice, prototype development, high-level troubleshooting and skills development – through the full spectrum of the value chain: “from idea to barcode”.
We also have extensive knowledge within the management of intellectual property (e.g. patents), and can assist clients in the protection and implementation of their novel technologies through our proven netwo​rk of industry contacts and investors.
At present, two facilities are being established with the aim of being operational during the fourth quarter of 2014, namely a “Chemical Process Modeling Facility” and an “Applied Biotechnology Facility”.
The Chemistry facility has the capability for conducting chemical research and development on a very high-level, focusing on reproducible and scalable reactions and both software and laboratory modeling of chemical processes to address industry-relevant, client-specific requirements.  Chemical process modeling for scale-up and scale-down applications, elimination of unit processes to streamline production, as well as new product development are all offered by this facility.
The Biotechnology Facility (with full genetic engineering capability) will provide a platform for solving wholistic challenges within the food, water and environmental arenas.  We focus on turnkey solutions within these fields including: pollution and contamination testing and recommendations, bioremediation, product and process development,  biomedical applications, and any microbiology-related challenges in order to streamline operations, mitigate critical operational risks.​
Programme Code: 521-1
Date Instituted:1 January 1996
Phasing-Out Date: None
1. Admission requirements
A BTech: Food Technology; or an equivalent qualification at an equivalent standard as determined by a Status Committee and approved by the Faculty Board. Students need to apply in August of the year before commencing their M Tech studies.
2. Selection criteria
Selection is based on approval by the Faculty’s Research Committee.
3. Curriculum
A research-based dissertation.
4. Programme structure
4.1 Nature of programme: Year programme.
4.2 Minimum duration: 1 year.
4.3 Maximum duration: 2 years.
5. Experiential Learning
Not applicable to this programme.
6. Conferment of degree
The MTech: Food Technology degree is conferred on Students who have successfully submitted a research-based dissertation.
7. Curriculum

FTN0118 FTN0128 Dissertation: Food Technology
NQF Level 8​
Credits 120
Term of presentation Semester 1 and semester 2
Prerequisites B Tech or RPL
Purpose The qualifying student will be able to conduct research under guidance in a chosen field, and contribute to knowledge production in that field.  The research problem, its justification, process and outcome is reported in a dissertation which complies with the generally accepted norms for research at this level.

Outcomes: On completion of this learning event, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the field/area of investigation.
  • Apply a range of research methods and techniques appropriately and correctly to investigate, modify and improve or innovate food or food processes.


Department of Food Technology Staff

Name Telephone Number Office Number Role Campus
Dr Bhekisisa Dlamini +27 (0) 11 559 9076 John Orr Building, Room 2209 Lecturer DFC
Dr Eugénie Kayitesi +27 (0) 11 559 6000 John Orr Building, Room 2207 Deputy HOD DFC
Dr Oluwafemi Adebo +27 (0)11 559 6261 John Orr Bulding, Room 2207b Lecturer DFC
Dr Suretha de Kock (Sue) +27 (0) 11 559 6259 John Orr Building, Room 2208 Senior Lecturer DFC
Mr Witness Qaku +27 (0) 11 559 6286 2320 John Orr Building / “Coffin” Laboratory Technician DFC
Ms Kalay Venugopaul +27 (0) 11 559 6456 John Orr Building Room 2206 Administrative Assistant DFC
Prof Ezekiel Green +27 (0) 11 559 6793 John Orr Building, Room 2206c Head of Department DFC
Prof Patrick Njobeh +27 (0) 11 559 6803 John Orr Building, Room 2208A Associate Professor DFC


Contact Biotechnology and Food Technology
Physical address:
Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology
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John Orr Building
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