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UWC Business School, The SBF at the University of the Western Cape is fast establishing itself as a leader in preparing South African managers for the challenges posed by a rapidly transforming society. Our country’s economic growth is dependent on the rapid development of a cadre of talented managers who are attuned to the domestic context and the competitive demands of an increasingly global marketplace.

Countless studies have highlighted the need to expand and transform the provision of education and training opportunities, particularly for previously disadvantaged groups. The implementation of the Employment Equity Act highlights the importance of developing the skills needed to reshape the profile of the managerial ranks. Our innovative professional management programmes can enhance your career opportunities and are making an invaluable contribution to develop the leadership cadre required to drive our country’s economic development. 

The establishment of the SBF in January 2008 resulted from the emergence of Finance as an important field of study at UWC, as well as the sustained growth of programmes in Management over more than a decade. 

Located in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), the SBF reflects UWCs ability to respond creatively to the economy’s demand to fill critical shortages of highly qualified graduates, particularly from communities previously excluded from the most attractive opportunities. 

The SBF is the largest academic teaching unit in the EMS, which also includes the Departments of Accounting, Economics, Industrial Psychology, Political Studies and the Undergraduate Division of Public Administration from the School of Government, and a number of associated research institutes.

Together, they provide our staff and students with a supportive and enriching academic and physical resource base. Student enrolments in postgraduate degree programmes at the SBF are expected to grow at 10% per annum, from approximately 750 in 2008 to 1 200 by 2014. Over the next 5 years (2015 to 2019), the SBF aims to grow into one of Africa’s leading business schools, and to be globally competitive. Locally, the SBF currently operates in a competitive educational environment, flanked by two of South Africa’s leading business schools. 

A key challenge, therefore, is to attract good students and to gain credibility in the business sector by offering high quality, high value, but affordable education. The SBF will actively pursue fundraising from both local and international business corporations to achieve its vision.​

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Should you wish to apply for a programme at the School of Business and Finance, you will need to complete TWO application forms: 

It is imperative that both applications are completed carefully. VERY IMPORTANT: You also are required to write the SBF Admissions Test.  Dates for the Tests appear on the SBF Application form.Click here  PROFESSIONAL SBF QUALIFICATIONS​   for our School of Business and Finance Brochure and here ​​for a Frequently Asked Questions information sheet

The School of Business and Finance (SBF) provides academic and professional training to undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals. We conduct research and teach courses in business communications, finance, general management, industrial relations, marketing, operations and materials management, quantitative methods, entrepreneurship, small business management and strategic management. Our approach to teaching and learning emphasises the development of independent analytical thinking and we have a well-established track record as an innovator in applying academic development principles that address the learning needs of students and infuse relevant skills through innovative teaching practices.  

Please download our Brochure for all the programmes we offer as well as the admission requirents. Click on the PDF document 


Departmental Secretary 

Mrs Nomonde Bawuti 

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Mrs Dominica Arendse

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