NWU Honours

NWU Honours

NWU Honours, An Honours Degree does not only improve your career prospects, but also introduces you to the exciting world of research.  If you are passionate about your subject, you will reap great rewards since it offers you the opportunity for advanced study in a specialist area through an intensively-supported and well-structured academic programme that is locally relevant and internationally recognised.

Honours Bachelor of Arts

BA Languages

BA Communication
BA Humanities (general)

BA Behavioural Sciences

BA Development and Management


BEd Honours (Education Sciences)

Honours Bachelors of Commerce


Honours Bachelors of Sciences

BEdHons Education Management, Law and Systems

Demonstration of learning outcomes at NQF level 6 or HEQF level 7 (480 credits of which 72 at NQF level 6 or HEQF level 7) comprising the following:

  1. pass in a Bachelor degree (360 credits) plus a Post-graduate Certificate in Education or any other professional education qualification [120 credits, of which 72 at level 6 (7)]; or
  2. pass in a Bachelor of Education degree (480 credits); or
  3. pass in a Bachelor degree (480 credits) that is evaluated as applicable; or
  4. any other recognised education qualification that adds up to 480 credits (of which 72 at NQF level 6 or HEQF level 7)
  5. A minimum pass of 65% average in the final year of the qualification that permits entry to the Hons BEd.
  6. To complete the qualification full-time the student’s general ability and academic performance must be to the satisfaction of the School Director.

First Year Modules (First and Second Semester)

  • FOER611 (Foundation of Education Research)
  • EMLO611 (Education Management and Organisations)
  • ONWR611 (Educational Law: Theory and Practice)
  • VGLO624 (Education Systems: Structures and Functions)

Second Year Modules (First and Second Semester)

  • RSPR671 (Research Report)
  • RSPR671 (Research Report)

Choose two electives from the following:

  • ONWR624 (Labour Law and School Governance)
  • ONWR625 (Human Rights and Democracy in Education)


  • VGLO622 (Modern Education Systems)
  • VGLO623 (Contemporary Issues: Comparative Perspectives)


  • ONWB624 (Human Resources Management and Development)
  • ONWB625 (Financial School Management)

Estimated Cost
R12 370  – R13 607
How to Apply?
Complete the official Application for Continuation of Studies form (if you are already a registered student of the NWU) – available at/or the University Application Form (if it is your first application for study at the NWU) – available at http://www.nwu.ac.za/prospective-students. Admission fee: R150.00

Scarce Field / Skaars Rigting  : R21 500 per year/jaar
Non-Scarce Field / Nie-Skaars Rigting : R18 300 per year/jaar

Who can apply

  • For Full-Time students only
  • Only for students in the FIRST year of the Honours degree.

Application Form

Please note: Carefully read the Instant Info with conditions for qualification before completing this form.

All fields compulsory
Please note / Neem asb kennis:

  • Only for students in the FIRST year of the Honours degree. Students from other universities must attach the academic script of the preceding qualifying degree. Incomplete applications are invalid and may lead to disapproval of the application


The academic report and/or the progress report attachment must be only ONE pdf document (all records scanned on one file). Also no attachments send separately by e-mail will be accepted.