UWC Exam Timetable

UWC Exam Timetable, Part Time Students, please contact the Examinations Office for a personalized timetable for the upcoming examination period only via email at exams@uwc.ac.za. We cannot issue timetables after the exam period.

Study Period: 31 October – 4 November 2018

Final Starts: 5 November 2018

Final Ends: 29 November 2018

Supplementary: Starts 3 December 2018

Supplementary: Ends 13 December 2018

SDA exams to be confirmed​

Please familiarise yourselves with the linked document EXAMINATION RULES AND REGULATIONS
 No student will be allowed into an examination venue without a valid student card. If you have lost   your student card please bring along your ID or passport as means of identification.     

Notice to students for take home examinations:  Student must monitor their myuwc emails and their specific module iKamva sites. Examinations and submission details will be posted on these platforms.  ​