Wits Business School Courses

Wits Business School Courses, Our academic faculty comprises highly qualified academics with almost all of them holding PhDs, more than any other business school on the continent. Almost half of these academics are international, adding priceless insights into various commercial and social-economic conditions across the globe.  

Our sessional lecturers have significant commercial experience too, with most of them being successful business persons in their own right.

This means that our accomplished academic teams are specialists in designing transformative learning experiences and teach new and innovative curricula that are in line with the challenges and opportunities that we face on this continent. Ensuring we are well equipped to guide you on your journey to achieving greatness.

Through our extensive networks and significant alumni relationships, we have access to global thought leaders across all sectors of business and society.

This means that together with our students, we produce immeasurable results. It is because of this that we see the relationship with you not as a transaction, but as a partnership, one of lifelong learning and holistic development

We have no doubt that spending time in this learning environment, surrounded by exceptional people, will provide you with the foundation for an extraordinary life. 

There is no better time or place for you to become all that you want to be.  

As we navigate the changing landscape of an increasingly complex world, we at the Wits Business School focus on exploring relevant and innovative solutions together with our students. We do this by focusing on excellence in everything that we do.