UCT Nursing

UCT Nursing

UCT Nursing, Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences. We offer a variety of educational, training and academic career options within the context of health care and research – from clinical and public health to health and rehabilitation sciences. We are a Faculty of choice for those seeking world-class training – owing to our strong reputation for having trained some of the best health practitioners and scientists globally, and for our Clinical achievements and cutting-edge research.
In 2012 we had two reasons to celebrate: our centenary as the first medical school in sub-Saharan Africa, and our rating among the top 50 health sciences faculties worldwide (by Times Higher Education) – a first for any university in Africa and the developing world.
The Faculty has 13 academic departments, over twenty multi-disciplinary research groupings, and more than 4000 students. Our programmes are embedded in four main themes, namely undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, clinical services and research.
We play a vital role in responding to South African problems in the context of African and global health challenges through supporting training and research. We prepare our students with the appropriate skills for health service, while our clinical exchange programmes, education and extensive research collaborations span Africa and the world.
Research is high on our agenda. Exceptional academics drive research in cross-disciplinary and international collaborations – amongst us are 12 of UCT’s 33 A-rated scientists and 8 of the 29 UCT SARCHI Research chairs. Our growing numbers of postgraduate students, many from Africa and beyond, reflect our commitment to building research capacity and growing our next generation of academics. Postgraduate registrations now exceed undergraduate, highlighting the attraction of our research environment.
Our commitment to demographic transformation continues to enrich the Faculty. I am also pleased at our enthusiastic participation in many non-academic spheres like sport, politics and arts, all activities which tremendously enhance campus life.
It takes hard work and dedication to become a competent caring health practitioner and scientist, but the rewards are tremendous. If you are passionate about positively impacting the health and life of others, then UCT’s Faculty of Health Sciences is the place for you.
I trust that you will find our site informative – whether you are a student seeking information about undergraduate degrees or postgraduate study and research opportunities, a member of the public or a potential collaborator.

Mission & vision

Our Vision
To be a center of excellence in health sciences that is locally relevant and globally competitive.
Our Mission
The Faculty’s mission is to:

  • Respond to the health care needs of South Africa and beyond.
  • Educate health professionals, educators and scientist for life.
  • Undertake research that is relevant to the needs of our country and beyond.
  • Promote health equity through promoting health professional standards in the delivery of quality health care.
  • To be socially responsive to the needs of the people of our country and beyond.
  • To develop interventions to reduce the risk of ill health, disability and mortality.

Our shared ideals / beliefs – our ethical and moral compass:

  • Respect for human rights and human dignity
  • Intellectual rigor
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Commitment to high standards
  • Relevance
  • Accountability

Information Technology (HSF IT)

HSF IT is the information technology support department for the Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Cape Town.
Tasked with both staff & student computing support, HSF IT ensures the smooth operation & integration of information technology in the Health Sciences Faculty.

Our Mission

To enable and assist the Health Sciences Faculty to adopt and take advantage of information technology to enhance their work and achieve their objectives using appropriate technologies deployed by suitably skilled people who have a synergistic relationship with the Faculty.


The following services are offered by the HSF IT Section for Health Sciences staff and students.

  1. IT Support on the use of ICTS in the Faculty to enable the widespread use technology in order for Faculty to perform its functions of Teaching and Research.
  2. IT Support and Networking services to all off site hospitals and clinics.
  3. Define and enforce IT Policy specifically pertaining to the Faculty.
  4. Management of the SLA with ICTS in order to provide improved service delivery of ICT services offered.
  5. Management of all Faculty Computer Labs (Undergrad and Postgrad) in conjunction with EDU IT.
  6. IT advice and recommendations.
  7. Facilitate acquisitions services of any IT related hardware or software.
  8. Video Recording editing and DVD creation for Faculty events such as Faculty Inaugurals.
  9. Video Conferencing and VC support and advise.
  10. Web Content Coordination services to the Faculty which includes the creation and production of website content and other online communication.

contact details

Physical Address

UCT Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty Office
Barnard Fuller Building
Anzio Road
Cape Town
GPS Coordinates
-33.942012, 18.464738
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Dean’s Office

021 650 3002
Dean’s Assistant
021 406 6106

Undergraduate Office

021 406 6328
021 406 6347
021 406 6634
021 404 7652

Postgraduate Office

021 406 6340 or 021 406 6028