Sefako Makgatho Medicine Extended Programme

Sefako Makgatho Medicine Extended Programme, welcome to Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU), which is now in its 4th year of existence. Our School offers the MBChB, MBChB Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP), Diagnostic Radiography, BSc (Hons) in the Pathology disciplines as well as post-graduate programmes in various specialities. The MBChB programme is accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and will be reviewed in 2018 based on a 5-year cycle. The MBChB ECP, which was introduced in 2010 for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, has proven to be successful as it adequately prepares them for the mainstream MBChB programme after successful completion of their first year of the course. We have consistently recorded a pass rate of between 98-100 percent.

MBChB Students

(i)       Applications for admission to MBChB I can be considered only from students who are in possession of/or about to receive a Matriculation or Matriculation Exemption Certificate with pass marks of a C (HG) or equivalent in Mathematics and Physical Science.

Note:     If an applicant’s matriculation certificate does not indicate a pass in Mathematics, a further certificate to the effect that an Assessment in Mathematics of a standard at least equivalent to that of the Matriculation Assessment has been passed, is required.

(ii)                 Whereas admission of a student is by selection, a request for change of course between faculties should only be handled by application to the other faculty for admission to the following year, via the normal application process.

(iii)           From 2018/2019, because of the implementation of the new curriculum, students will no longer be eligible for admission at MBChB III or higher.

(iii)                No student shall be permitted to register for any course in the following year of study unless s/he has passed all required courses of the previous year.

(iv)                A student who has previously been excluded from the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University or any other University for academic reasons must prove academic competence by having successfully completed a relevant BSc degree majoring in one of the following subjects/courses Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology or Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree (B.Med.Sci) before s/he may be considered for possible selection in terms of the normal selection procedure. A second exclusion is permanent.

(v)                 No student shall be permitted to renew his/her registration unless all outstanding debts have been paid in full or acceptable arrangements have been made with the Director: Finance.

(vi)                A student is subject to the rules pertaining to all subjects/courses for that year of study.

(vii)       Should a student fail a year of study, the student will then be subject to the rules, which are valid for his/her year of re-registration as this is in the best academic interest of the student.

(vii)              Any student admitted to MBChB I or promoted to MBChB II – IV, must commence attending the course no later than three weeks after the first lectures/practicals of that study year has commenced.   A student, who can only start the course for whatever reason, after that time, will be admitted to that course only in the next academic year. Such students will have to apply to School Board for interruption of studies for the duration of the relevant academic year stating the reasons for this.