Wits Gender Equity Office

Wits Gender Equity Office, The Gender Equity Office (GEO) is a holistic, autonomous and integrated office that deals with all aspects of gender based harm and the advancement of gender equity.

Gender-Based Harm (GBH) includes the following:

  • Sexism / unfair discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation;
  • Sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape;
  • Abuse of power and conflict of interest based on sexual/romantic relationships.

GEO offers its services free of charge to all staff members and students of the University of the Witwatersrand.

GEO provides the following services:

  1. Collects and tracks all GBH-related complaints across the university and analyses trends to inform and improve intervention initiatives;
  2. Provides a safe and confidential space with full-time counselling support to complainants and victims of GBH;
  3. Confidentially advises complainants and victims of GBH of their options;
  4. Oversees an independent disciplinary procedure for formal complaints against staff or students accused of GBH;
  5. ​Engages actively in advocacy around gender equality.

Please note that contact with GEO is confidential and does not commit you to following a formal process.​