SPU Student Resource Center

SPU Student Resource Center, the building fulfills the requirement for a Student Resource Centre as a key site of student learning, partly through the traditional functions of a university library, but also through access to a wider range of media exposure, individual and collective exchange opportunities, and through a 24 hour study and resource space.

The external envelope is a register of the parameters defined by the Urban Design Framework.  Built on the boundaries of the assigned land parcel, it defines the edges of all perimeter movement routes as well as the University Square where it’s role is to be the primary landmark.  Heights of the envelope correspond to the heights of the neighbouring buildings, resulting in a shell lifted off the ground to connect interior and exterior as continuous ‘public space’, enclosing a single hollowed-out volume accommodating serially stacked floor plates. The external envelope rises to the maximum permissible height on the University Square to provide a landmark both in the university and in the City of Kimberley.  It marks the university as an important location, institution and influence in the life and activities of the city.  It is also a landmark from which to look over the city, particularly its Inner City and the main sites of its internationally important mining history and heritage.

Inside of and separated from the external envelop by approximately 2.5 meters is a set of flat stacked, highly serviced, flexible, concrete floor plates supported on an efficient column grid.  All vertical circulation and building services are articulated within this gap, ensuring use flexibility of the floor plates, independent access to all floors while retaining three dimensional connectivity, and enabling maintenance or replacement of building service elements without interrupting use activities.  Deep penetration of natural light with least possible internal heat gain, as well as efficient and effective fresh and modified air, are also enhanced by the continuous perimeter void between the external envelope and internal floors.   

How many people worked on project?

Within our office there have been continuously 4 people working on the project and at times this has increased to 7 people.

Architectural work phases:

Design and technical documentation for all stages of the project

What other software was involved in developing this project in your office?

  • Artlantis
  • Photoshop
  • Archicad MEP
  • BIMx

Why was the decision made to switch or further develop the project to ArchiCAD?

The office uses Archicad as the main tool to document all projects.
It is an intuitive programme that allows easy development of projects in 3D as well as 2D documentation generated from 3D, with ability through teamwork to have multiple users on a single file.

What consultants were involved in the project and what software platform did they use?

There are many consultants involved on the project, the consultants that are providing us drawings regularly are :

  • Structural engineers: Aurecon Group – Revit 2016
  • Mechanical engineers: Element Consulting Engineers – 2D
  • Electrical engineers: Aurecon Group – 2D
  • Wet services engineer: Aurecon Group – 2D

What teams were involved in the project?

What ArchiCAD tools were used to design your project?

  • mesh for site
  • curtain walls
  • roof tool and beams for roof
  • profiles for gutters
  • skylight tool
  • mep add on to check clashes

What would you change or do better next time?

We separated the model from the plot file but still found it time consuming to ensure it worked across teamwork and both files, would have investigated ways to improve the speed of this.

We used a lot of custom objects for information that was replicated through the project and this helped increase efficiency but would be useful to setup the schedules earlier related to these hotlinked objects.  

Insist on receiving 3D of MEP from consultants

Setup and worked on an interoperable model with the engineers to improve collaboration [such as IFC]