UWC Computer Science

UWC Computer Science, The Computer Science (CS) department of the University of the Western Cape strives to produce top quality well rounded Computer Scientists. This is achieved by providing innovative programs in Computer Science to empower graduates to assist in improving the quality of life for all South Africans through the development and application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s). 

Mission And Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative programmes in Computer Science, thus empowering our graduates to advance the Quality of Life in Africa. Hence our mission is: 

  •     To produce leading and visionary computer professionals at the cutting edge of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT’s);
  •     To provide world-class quality and relevant research programmes in ICT’s;
  •     To provide academic support for students from under-represented groups and opportunities for Life Long Learning (LLL);
  •     To foster co-operative relationships with industry and educational institutions;
  •     To empower disadvantaged communities through the transfer of ICT skills;
  •     To utilize democratic, transparent and accountable management practices.


Our goals are to produce graduates that will bring vibrant research ideas, products, and skills into the marketplace with them. Our Graduate Programme has been progressively revised away from superficial subject treatment to more in-depth training. By establishing prior requisites between modules, we identified a core set of subjects that are taught and emphasized in the undergraduate program.

We continue to pursue exceptional standards of innovation and excellence. Thus we are to produce graduates that can develop and advance the computing industry and computing technologies in Africa; to increase the graduate student component of the department, and to continue to enhance the teaching and research capacity of staff.


Entry into the Computer Science programme is dependent on your Grade 12 scores (see the UWC home page for further information). On this basis of your matric results and / or on an invitation to write an entrance test, you may be selected for either the 3 or 4 year BSc Computer Science Programme.

Three Year Programme

Your First Year

This year provides you with a general foundation in the Sciences. You will register for the compulsory modules in Computer Science (problem solving and programming), Mathematics, Computer Literacy and English for Educational Development. In addition to these subjects, you can choose from a list of electives which will enable you to combine Computer Science with another major subject to accommodate your career aspirations.

Your Second and Third Years

In the second year you will be exposed to Algorithm, Data Structures and Architectures and their application in Computer Science

In the third year you will study topics in Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Theory of Computation, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction and Data bases.

Electives are available which can be studied alongside the above CS topics.

Four Year Programme

Your First and Second Year

In this programme you will complete the traditional first year over two years. These first two years allows you to prepare for the rigors of studying Computer Science by providing you with a firm foundation in the Sciences. 

Your Third and Fourth Years

From this point you will follow the study programme as outlined in the Second and Third section above.

NB – For official information applicants and students are urged to consult the University Calendar for the undergraduate Science Faculty programme.


The following exiting Postgraduate Degrees are offered in the Computer Science Programme:

B. Sc. Honours (1 year)

Why do honours? The 4-year degree is international professional standard for working in the ICT sector with the ability to obtain professional status. It’s an opportunity to specialize in CS only.  It facilitates entry into research and development (MSc and PhD).  Better overall employment and career advancement prospects.

M.Sc. (1 – 2 years) and Ph.D. (2 – 3 years)

The CS department has an active Research Programme in which Postgraduate students participate. Scholarships are available.

Projects include: Intelligent Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Science Education and Mobile Communications

Applying for postgraduate studies

For further information on applying for postgraduate studies, please contact Prof Bagula via e-mail abagula@uwc.ac.za or Ms. Ursula Syster at Science Faculty office, via email (usyster@uwc.ac.za) or contact number: +27 21 959 2178.

Postgraduate funding opportunities

Contact persons:

Ms Fatima Samsodien (CS department) at 021-9593010

Contact Person

​ ​Ms Rene Abbott

Administrative Officer

Tel : 021 959-3010/2635

Fax: 021 959 1274/3006​

Email: rabbot@uwc.ac.za

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Department of Computer Science

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