List Of Drama Schools In South Africa

A drama school that specializes in pre-professional training in drama and theater arts, such as acting, design.

To apply for a BA, or a two or three-year diploma at drama school, you need to be 18 by the time the course begins. However, many applicants don’t secure a place until they are older than 18.

A-level subjects for drama

  • English literature.
  • English literature and language.
  • Theatre studies.

List Of Drama Schools In South Africa

Rhodes University

Oakfields College

Actor Training Workshop

Waterfront Theatre School


National School of the Arts

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

Tshwane University of Technology

The Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa

Art of Acting Studio

First Physical Theater School

The Playhouse

City Varsity, South Africa

Durban University of Technology

Ntlozelo Js School

Hh Majiza Ss School

Mahubahuba Primary

Nyamande High

Vuvu Js School

Beng Ba Lona Primary

Makhosana Manzini High

Mpambani Mzimba S School

Woodlands L/hp School

Arthur Mfebe Ss School

Mbobeleni Js School

Dumasi Sp School