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CPUT Apply

CPUT Apply,

How to apply

Applications for the 2019 academic year intake opens in May 2018 for all undergraduate and postgraduate applicants.
Before you apply, find the course that is right for you
Step-by-step: 2019 Online Applications Guide – never applied at CPUT before
Step-by-step: 2019 Online Applications Guide – applicants with an existing CPUT student number

How to apply

Step 1: Choose a qualification

Mastering the technology required to send a satellite into space, saving lives with your specialised knowledge of emergency medical care or designing a fashion collection – the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a course of study at CPUT.

Our courses

We offer more than 70 career-focused courses. The documents and links below will help you choose the course that’s right for you.

  • Faculty Handbooks contain detailed information about each faculty and course.
  • The Online Prospectus will show you all our courses, their subjects, and their estimated cost.
  • 2018 List of Qualifications
Applied Sciences
Business and Management Sciences
Health and Wellness Sciences
Informatics and Design

Admission requirements

The Admission Requirements leaflet contains the admission requirements for all the courses presented at CPUT, as well as general admission information, qualification structures, and details about where each course is presented. Prospective students are encouraged to check the requirements of the course they want to study before applying.
View the Admission Requirements for 2019

Additional admission requirements

Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application. Applications without the additional requirements will not be considered.

Design and Architecture

Students applying for Architectural Technology, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion, Jewellery Design and Manufacture and Product Design must submit a portfolio with their application and complete the biographical and cover page documents.

Step 2: Get an application form

Prospective candidates must apply online. Click here to apply online.
Please note that Only the following category of applicants are eligible to apply manually.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) candidates
  • Non-South African Citizens (International applicants)
  • Non-South African School Leaving Types applications

NB: No manual posted or over the counter applications will be accepted for normal RSA applicants.
Download a PDF of the form that you can print at home
 Application Form:
There are two ways you can get a form to apply for admission:
1. Download a PDF of the form that you can print at home.
Download the undergraduate application form for 2019
2. Collect a form at the Registration and Applications Office on the various campuses.
Some courses require applicants to submit additional information as part of their application.  Please see the Additional admission requirements for more information.
Please note that applicants are limited to three choices (to be filled in on one form). Any further applications will be discarded.

Step 3: Gather your documents or upload further/ outstanding documents

A number of documents must be submitted with your application form. Do not send any original documents, only send certified copies. Copies of documents can be certified at a police station.
Documents to be submitted by South African citizens:

  • Copy of the proof of payment of your application fee.
  • A certified copy of the first page of your Identity Document.
  • A certified copy of your Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification. If you are still in Grade 12, your marks obtained in Grade 11 together with your most recent Grade 12 marks must be submitted.
  • An original Academic Record and a Certificate of Conduct, or certified copies of other certificates/ diplomas/ degrees you obtained previously from any other higher education institution.
  • Any other documents specifically required for the course to which you are applying, as explained in the application form and admission requirements.

Documents to be submitted by non-South African citizens:

  • Copy of the proof of payment of your application fee.
  • A certified copy of your passport/ refugee permit or proof of permanent residence.
  • A certified copy of your school-leaving certificate, together with an English translation.
  • A scratch card (students from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examinations Council (NECO).
  • Sixth-year Bulletin: Diplom D’Etat and Journal and transcripts of results or Journal or Confirmation of Results from the Embassy (students from Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Cameroon).
  • Any other documents specifically required for the course to which you are applying, as explained in the application form and admission requirements.

Should you have documents outstanding or need to upload additional supporting documents, upload it here.

Step 4: Fill in the application form

Use your official documents to help you fill in the application form. Read the application form’s instructions carefully and fill in all the required sections. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
Here are some tips to help you fill in the form correctly.

  • Your name, surname, and identity number or passport number must be filled in exactly as they are written in your identity document or passport.
  • When filling in the qualification you want to study, make sure that you use the correct name of the qualification. Check the name of the qualification on the CPUT website or in the prospectus booklet.
  • Applicants are limited to three choices (to be filled in on one form). Any further applications will be discarded.
  • If you want to stay in a CPUT residence, tick Yes in the appropriate block and complete the residence application form at the back of the application form. You will not be allocated a place in a residence if you do not tick Yes and complete the residence application form. Residence space is not guaranteed.
  • You address is the address where you live permanently. Ask your parents for a municipal bill and copy the address from the bill.
  • Even if you are going to apply for a bursary or loan you must fill in the details of the person who is responsible for paying your fees since bursaries and loans are not guaranteed.
  • Read through and complete the legal undertaking in full.
  • Complete the checklist at the back of the form.
  • Read through the form again to make sure you have filled in all the information.


Step 5: Pay the application fee

You must pay a R100 non-refundable application fee before your application form can be processed. You must attach a copy of the proof of payment to your application form. Keep the original proof of payment in a safe place.
A non-refundable late application fee of R150 is applicable to applications submitted after the official closing date. Late applications are only accepted if late applications have been officially announced by the institution on its website.
We accept these payment methods:
1. Cash payments, which can be made directly at the Cashiers’ Office on your preferred campus.
2. A bank deposit, using the bank details below:

Main account
(for payments from inside South Africa)
Alternative account
(for payments from outside South Africa)
Account name: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Bank name: ABSA Bank
Account number: 405 354 8487
Branch: Public Sector Cape Town
Branch code: 632005
Reference: ID number or Student number, Surname and Initials
Account name: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Bank: ABSA Bank
Account number: 012 0266 0521
Branch: Bellville
Branch code: 632005
Swift code (payment outside SA): ABSA ZA JJ
Reference: Passport number or Student number, Surname and Initials

3. A crossed postal order or crossed, bank guaranteed cheque made out to Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Step 6: Send in your form and documents

Completed application forms and accompanying documents must be submitted to the Admissions Office. You can submit your application form and accompanying documents in two ways:
1. Forms can be hand-delivered at the campus where the programme is offered. The venues of offering of all courses are outlined in the application form.
2. Forms can also be posted to the Admissions Office at the campus where the programme is offered, by using the addresses below.

Courses at the Bellville Campus Courses at the Cape Town and Granger Bay Campuses
Admissions Office
PO Box 1906
Republic of South Africa
Admissions Office
PO Box 652
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Courses at the Mowbray Campus Courses at the Wellington Campus
Admissions Office
PO Box 13881
Republic of South Africa
Admissions Office
Private Bag X8
Republic of South Africa

Faxed and email forms will not be accepted.
Important note: Never submit a form to anyone claiming to be a representative of CPUT. Only forms that are submitted via post or hand-delivered to the Admissions Office will be accepted.
Closing dates

It is advisable that applications for admission to study at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) be submitted as early as possible.

Courses/ applicants Closing date
Design and Architectural Technology 30 September 2018
Non-South African applicants and South African applicants with non-South African qualifications 31 August 2018
South African undergraduate applicants (including 1 year BTech) 30 September 2018
Recognition of prior learning applications (RPL) 30 June 2018
Masters and Doctoral full research applicants 31 March 2018

Step 7: Follow-up and get your admission status

All applications are loaded onto the CPUT system. Once loaded onto the system, an sms will be sent to you acknowledging that the institution has received your application. Note, this is not an acceptance notice.
Track your application
Prospective applicants, who have handed in an application form, can track the progress of their application online or by calling.
Track application status online
Contact numbers:
CPUT Call Centre
Tel: +27 21 959 6767
Tel: 086 123 2788
Email: info@cput.ac.za
Bellville Campus Admissions Office
Tel: +27 21 959 6256
Tel: +27 21 959 6270
District Six Campus Admissions Office
Tel: +27 21 460 3393
Tel: +27 21 460 3861
Please note, when you contact the institution, you will need to provide the Call Centre Agent or Admission’s Officer with your identity number or passport number.
Start studying
Successful candidates will be notified in writing of their acceptance to the institution. You will be informed of the registration dates and times as well as the commencement of class.
Submit your final marks
Students who applied with their Grade 11 and mid-year Grade 12 marks must submit a certified copy of their final Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification marks at the beginning of the academic year.  Students who do not submit their final marks will lose their provisional acceptance.