VUT Star School

VUT Star School, High school learners looking to improve their grades have been given a boost with the launch of an online application by supplementary education provider Star Schools.

The mystar programme has been in development for six years and Star Schools CEO Atulkumar Patel envisages the programme as support infrastructure for educators, learners and parents.

For a monthly fee the application provides learners in grades 10 to 12 access to an e-book containing all the theory and a virtual educator who guides them through the subjects they have signed up for, with a particular focus on subjects such as maths, physical science and accounting.

“Its various educational tools, such as simulators, animation and video, will not only help learners but also provide educators with teaching resources where these may be lacking,” Patel said.

The programme also has quizzes linked to the network which notifies support educators if a student is struggling with the material, and steps are taken to ensure they are able to catch up.

Users without Internet access can be provided with CD’s to be used on their computers, while the full application is also available on DVD format for those learners who do not have regular access to computers.

The programme will cost just R29.95 per subject a month, and can be tailor made to the specific individuals needs, giving learners access to a 26-unit course that is identical to Star Schools’ 26-week classroom course.

Patel hopes to expand the programme to include low-cost computer hardware in the near future, and mystar is currently in negotiation with computer manufacturers to provide an affordable computer on a ‘rent-to-own basis’.