DUT Radiography

DUT Radiography, The Department of Radiography is a dynamic department within the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Durban University of Technology. It caters for the four main disciplines of radiography – Diagnostic (D), Nuclear Medicine (NM), Radiotherapy (T) and Ultrasound (US).
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A Global Leader in Transformative Radiography Education.


“Develop Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Professionals”

Through excellence in:

  1. Student-centred teaching and learning.
  2. Technology transfer and applied research.
  3. Entrepreneurship and engagement.


Professionalism: To work within ethical, legal and regulatory standards. To develop and maintain professional expertise and good work ethic.

Integrity: To conduct ourselves with strong moral principles. To be honest, transparent and authentic. To do what is ethical and just.

Ubuntu: To treat people with respect, fairness, courtesy, politeness and kindness.

Collaboration: To work together as effective team players. To create more than the sum of the parts

Accountability: To accept responsibility for one’s actions.

Programmes offered by the department and Entrance Requirements
Bachelor of Health Sciences: Radiography
Master of Health Sciences: Radiography
Doctor of Radiography

Phasing out programmes (Note: Teach-out date 31 December 2019)
National Diploma Radiography: Diagnostic / Nuclear Medicine / Therapy / Ultrasound