CPUT Human Resource Management

CPUT Human Resource Management

CPUT Human Resource Management, The programmes and qualifications of the Department are accredited and professionally recognised by the South African Board for Personnel Practice, for the training of various levels of people management professionals in South Africa. Working closely with industry partners, the Department is rapidly establishing itself as a centre of excellence for the full and part-time education of HR practitioners of the future. The Department offers the National Diploma in HRM and two streams of the Bachelor of Technology degrees in Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development. Post-graduate qualifications offered include a coursework-based Master of Technology degree, a research-based Master of Technology degree and the research-based thesis for the Doctor of Technology degree. The highly qualified and experienced academic and support personnel are always enthusiastic and committed to providing the best possible service to students and the public in general.

Course Information and Fees


BTech: (Baccalaureus Technologiae)

To provide students with the competencies required to execute the main human resource functions, i.e. human resource management, industrial relations and training and development.
To integrate these competencies with business at a strategic level and to prepare graduates for future roles in management.
Career Opportunities
The new Masters-degree in HRM (full thesis) on NQF level 9. Admission requirements a NQF level 8 qualification.
The HR department’s programme qualification mix has changed according to the Higher Education Qualification Sub-Framework (HEQSF) and will in future replace the current BTech with an Advanced Diploma on NQF level 7; and Postgraduate Diploma on NQF level 8.
The Advanced Diploma date of implementation is estimated in 2018/2019 and the Postgraduate Diploma in 2019. Students who currently hold a BTech (level 7) cannot go straight into the new Master’s degree (NQF level 9).
CPUT will accommodate them by offering two subjects as articulation to bring them to level 8 in order to progress to level 9.
These subjects are Research Methodology 5 and Modern Themes in HR Management 5. Students will be required to register for these subjects for non-degree purposes which will be offered as from 2016. Students with a relevant Honours degree on NQF level 8 can commence with the master’s degree on level 9 without the articulation subjects.

Admission requirements
For all Certificate, Diploma and National Diploma applications, consult the General admission requirements.
General admission requirements
Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application.
Additional admission requirements
For all Honours, Masters and Doctorate applications, consult the Postgraduate admission requirements.
Postgraduate admission requirements

Syllabus and fees

Fourth Year

Compulsory subject(s):

Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / One year
Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time / Two years
Course is offered on District Six Campus.
For any queries get in touch with:
Contact: Faculty Office Administrator: Mr. Mervyn Coetzee
Telephone: +27 21 460 3233
Fax: –
Email: coetzeem@cput.ac.za
NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2018 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning. 
This information is subject to change based on approval and accreditation of HEQSF aligned qualifications.
Admission requirements may therefore differ between the existing qualification and the HESQF aligned qualification. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page; however the University reserves the right at any time, if circumstances require, to make changes to any of the published details.



Name and designation
Contact details
Ms. Liiza Gie
Head of Department
Tel: +27 21 4603701
Email: giel@cput.ac.za
Office 3.8, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Human Resource Development, Labour Relations, Curriculum Development
Qualifications (Academic): MTech: HRM, HDHET, BTech: HRM, ND: HRM
Memberships: SABPP:Charted HR Practitioner in Learning & Development.HR University Forum. International Education of South Africa.
Ms Nosiphosethu Brandau
Departmental Secretary
Tel: +27 21 4609016
Email: brandaun@cput.ac.za
Office 3.8, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Public Management
Qualifications (Academic): BTech Public Management, ND:Public Management
Prof Braam Rust
Associate Professor
Tel: +27 21 4603301
Email: rustb@cput.ac.za
Office 3.22, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Industrial Relations / Research Methodology
Qualifications (Academic): PhD, MCom, BCom Hons, BCom, DHE (Diploma in Higher Education), BEd, Ed.Tech (Certificate in Education
Memberships: SABPP: Master Practitioner
Mr Sihlangene Mgudlwa
Senior Lecturer
Tel: +27 21 4603139
Email: mgudlwas@cput.ac.za
Office 3.17, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Personnel Management
Qualifications (Academic): MA: Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, BTech : HRM, ND : HRM
Memberships: SABPP: Charted HR Practitioner in Learning & Development
HR Universities Forum
Ms Zukelwa Baqo
Tel: +27 21 4608352
Email: baqoz@cput.ac.za
Office 1.35, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Management of Training/ Personnel Management
Qualifications (Academic): M. Com: Industrial Psychology. B. Admin (Hons) Industrial Psychology, B.Admin Industrial Psychology & Public Administration
Memberships: HRDUF
Mr Warren Charles
Tel: +27 21 4603050
Email: charlesw@cpu.ac.za
Office 3.49, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Industrial Relations
Qualifications (Academic): MCom Industrial Psychology, BCom Hons Industrial Psychology, BCom Human Resources Media Management, Industrial Relations Development Program, Labour Law Certificate
Memberships: SABPP, HPCSA, Assessor ETDP SETA
Dr Gilbert Dale
Tel: +27 21 4603065
Email: daleg@cput.ac.za
Office 3.37, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Organisational Behaviour and Industrial Relations.
Qualifications (Academic): D.Tech in Human Resource Management, Masters  Organizational and Industrial Psychology, Honours Organizational and Industrial Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma HRM, Industrial Relations Development Programme, BA Organizational and Industrial Psychology and Political Science.
Memberships: Registered Organizational and Industrial Psychologist with HPCSA
Mrs Frances de Klerk
Tel: +27 21 4603130
Email: deklerkfr@cput.ac.za
Office 3.28, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Management of Training
Qualifications (Academic): MA (Industrial Psychology), Higher Diploma in Higher Education and Training, BA Hons Industrial Psychology, BA Communication (Hons)
Industrial Psychologist (HPCSA) PS0054178
Memberships: SIOPSA
Mrs Lynette de Louw
Tel: +27 21 4604203
Email: delouwl@cput.ac.za
Office 3.28, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Personnel Management
Qualifications (Academic): MTech Human Resource Management, BTech Human Resource Management, ND Human Resource Management
Memberships: IPM
Mr Jerome Kiley
Tel: +27 21 4603985
Email: kileyj@cput.ac.za
Office 2.28, Commerce Building,
Cape Town Campus
Field: Business Management
Qualifications (Academic): MA Psychology, BA (Hons) Human Resource Development, BA (Hons) Psychology, BA (Psychology and Sociology)
Memberships: SABPP, IPM Registered Moderator and Assessor
Ms Mandy Mavuso
Tel: +27 21 4603300
Email: mavusom@cput.ac.za
Office 3.37, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Personnel Management/Community Engagement/Industrial Relations/SAP
Qualifications (Academic): MA Industrial Psychology, BA Hons Industrial Psychology, BA Industrial Psychology and Public Management, Certificate in Research Design,
Certificate in SAP (erp Foundation)
Memberships: IPM, SABPP
Mr Lawrence Motebele
Tel: +27 21 4603024
Email: motebelel@cput.ac.za
Office2.28, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Experiential Training/Labour Relations
Qualifications (Academic): BA Honours (Labour Relations & Human Resouces Management) MA (SA Literature), BA Honours (SA Literature), Higher Diploma in Education (HDE)
Mr Brian Ntlangula
Tel: +27 21 4603862
Email: ntlangulab@cput.ac.za
Office 3.35, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: End User Computing
Qualifications (Academic): ND Information Technology, BTech : Information Technology, BA Personnel Management and Public Administration, Certificate in Research Design
Memberships: CCSA Computer Society of South Africa
Mrs Razia Parker
Tel: +27 21 4603471
Email: parkerr@cput.ac.za
Office 3.18, Commerce Building, Cape Town Campus
Field: Labour Law
Qualifications (Academic): BA, LLB, LLM (Constitutional Litigation) Master’s Certificate in Migration (from International Women’s University in Germany), Certificate in Conveyancing
Memberships: SAWLA, Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope