UCT Src, Student Governance at UCT is founded under principles of Collaborative Governance.  As such, numerous structures exist to support aid and work hand-in-hand in assisting students and driving change within the institution.  The Student Governance Model underpins this philosophy and illustrates the structure of various student organisations and their service to students.
The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest decision-making structure of student governance.
It represents all students at UCT, and their overall interest and social well-being, in university committees. It is highly involved in policy-making and co-operative decision-making on campus.
The SRC is elected annually by the students and consists of 17 members who either represent other student organisations or are independents. The duties, functions, privileges and term of office are set out in the SRC Constitution and election by-laws approved by Council as institutional rules.
The SRC is a very important stakeholder within UCT, as there is no decision that can be taken without the student voice. The notion of co-operative governance is embraced by the institution through these processes.

Students’ Representative Council Members

Portfolios Name Surname Landline Email Address
President Mthobisi Mngomezulu 021 650 5928 srcpresident@uct.ac.za
Vice President Masixole Mlandu 021 650 5119 srcvp@uct.ac.za
Secretary General Zukiswa Jack 021 650 5000 srcsg@uct.ac.za
Deputy Secretary General Loyola Nyathi 021 650 5048 srcdsg@uct.ac.za
Treasurer General Chris Logan 021 650 5928 srctreasurer@uct.ac.za
Corporate Relations & Fundraising
Bongane Bucwa 021 650 5001 srccorporaterelations@uct.ac.za
International Students Co-ordinator Lethabo Maunye 021 650 5000 srcinternational@uct.ac.za
Labour & Student Services Co-ordinator Athabile Nonxuba 021 650 5119 srclabour@uct.ac.za
Postgraduate Academic Co-ordinator Hannah Margetts 021 650 5048 srcpgchair@uct.ac.za
Residences & Housing Co-ordinator Dylan-James Greenstone 021 650 4119 srcresidences@uct.ac.za
Social Responsiveness Co-ordinator Tami Jackson 021 650 4119 srcsocialresp@uct.ac.za
Societies & Day Houses Co-ordinator Rodney Cameron 021 650 5498 srcsocieties@uct.ac.za
Sports & Recreation Co-ordinator Gift Qetu-Yates 021 650 5498 srcsports@uct.ac.za
Student Advocay Co-ordinator Karabo Khakhau 021 650 3539 srcadvocacy@uct.ac.za
Undergraduate Academics Co-ordinator Sihle Lonzi 021 650 5001 srcugchair@uct.ac.za

SRC Assistance Fund

2018 Student Application Form

SRC Assistance Fund aims to help students who are unable to register due to outstanding academic-related fees such as the tuition fee and the residence fee with the money that the SRC has fund-raised.
To Financial Aid and Financial Aid eligible Students, we would recommend contacting the Financial Aid Office with regard to outstanding debt.  The Financial Aid Office hold an annual Financial Aid Appeals Process which aims to assist students with outstanding debt who qualify.  Details of this application process and the form can be found on their website.
SRC Assistance Fund is open to all students provided that:

  • For a South African student,
    • he/she can only apply if the student was not on any kind of financial aid during the previous year
  • For an international student,
    • The student must provide proof that he/she is able to pay for the upcoming year’s fee since the international students cannot register unless they pay the full amount at the beginning of the year.

Principles of Selection
The award conditions outline the criteria that need to be considered. The Selection Committee may fine tune these criteria based on available funding, including setting the maximum award that will be made to a student. These include;

  • Financial need
  • Academic performance
  • Year of study
  • Debt size

+27 21 650 5498
Level 7
Steve Biko Students’ Union
Upper Campus
University of Cape Town


The SRC members for 2016
The SRC has been elected and the official term has commenced on 1 November 2015. The SRC has constituted on Friday, 27 November 2015.

No Portfolio Name Surname Email Address
1 President Rorisang Moseli srcpresident@uct.ac.za
2 Vice-President External Ryan Prithraj srcvpe@uct.ac.za
3 Vice-President Internal Nthupula Masipa srcvpi@uct.ac.za
4 Secretary-General Noxolo Ntaka srcsg@uct.ac.za
5 Deputy Secretary-General Denzhe Mabuli srcdsg@uct.ac.za
6 Treasurer Marcus Gawronsky srctreasurer@uct.ac.za
7 Chair: Undergraduate Academics     srcugchair@uct.ac.za
8 Chair: Postgraduate Academics     srcpgchair@uct.ac.za
9 Chair: Day Students     srcdaystudents@uct.ac.za
10 Chair: Entertainment and Fundraising     srcentertainment@uct.ac.za
11 Chair: Health, Safety and Environment Tayla Karsten srchealth@uct.ac.za
12 Chair: International Students Gloria Chikaonda srcinternational@uct.ac.za
13 Chair: Labour & Services srclabour@uct.ac.za
14 Chair: Residences Tshegofatso Putu srcresidences@uct.ac.za
15 Chair: Societies Shehana Bhabha srcsocieties@uct.ac.za
16 Chair: Sports & Recreation Gordon Dodge srcsports@uct.ac.za
17 Chair: Transformation & Social Responsiveness Ntebogang Segone srctransformation@uct.ac.za

Level 7
Steve Biko Students’ Union Building
Upper Campus
Tel: 021 650 3539
Fax: 021 650 5051