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My Wits Sakai Login, Wits-e is an open source, interoperable, enterprise ready platform for e-learning and collaboration at Wits. It is built on Sakai.

The eLearning, Support and Innovation (eLSI) Unit aims  to assist staff and students at Wits to make excellent and innovative use of ICTs in their teaching and learning. Our mandate is to ensure that Wits staff and students are supported in their academic activities. This unit aims to explore, contribute to and engage critically with the University learning community. Some of the units’ activities are:

  • Promoting competent and appropriate use of digital technologies in an educational setting
  • Developing a computer, information and digital literacy amongst students and staff 
  • Designing and developing multimedia content to further the use of interactive educational resources 
  • Creating the pedagogical, social, and ethical conditions under which students can begin to own their learning
  • Participating in educational networks and research and lead or contribute to eLearning initiatives
  • Deploying, maintaining and developing an Open Source Learning System at Wits

Postal address                                                              Physical address

Private Bag 3, Wits, 2050                                                  18th Floor University Corner

South Africa                                                                     Cnr Jorissen and Bertha Street

Tel: (011) 717-7161    Fax: (011) 717-7163

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