UWC Thesis

UWC Thesis, We welcome inquiries about full thesis degrees. Admission into the Masters or PhD programme is based on the applicant’s ability to complete a full thesis. Normally prospective students will approach the department with a research topic and an outline that shows evidence of substantial reading.

In the first semester of study, students will develop a substantial research proposal under supervision, which they submit for approval to the Postgraduate Committee of the English Department and the Arts Higher Degrees Committee

These research proposals are due at the end of the first semester of the first year of enrolment. Please find proposal guidelines and the research proposal framework at the end of this booklet. The Arts Higher Degrees Committee reviews your research proposal on the basis of a standard evaluation form.

​Download MA and PhD Brochure here: MA and PhD Handbook 2017.pdf​

ENG801: Full thesis Masters

Thesis of 40 000 to 45 000 words including all notes and the works cited list.    

The Masters by thesis degree may be taken over two calendar years; maximum three years of enrolment.

ENG901: Doctoral

Dissertation of 80 000 to 100 000 words including all notes and the works cited list, comprising original research. 

The Doctoral degree may be taken over three calendar years; maximum five years of enrolment.


There are numerous other areas of expertise and specialisation in the department. If a staff member is on leave or unavailable, it may not be possible to offer supervision in a particular area. Please consult the postgraduate coordinator for more information.

Bharuthram, Sharita (sbharuthram@uwc.ac.za): academic development, with a focus on the link between reading and writing.

Birch, Lannie (lbirch@uwc.ac.za): modernism; South African literature; gender studies.

Courtney Davids (codavids@uwc.ac.za) : British and American Gothic fiction, Romanticism, Nineteenth Century fiction, the Victorian novel, Victorian short fiction and poetry, Modernist poetry, South African Gothic, film.

Espin, Mark (mespin@uwc.ac.za): the contemporary novel, particularly the intersections between fiction and history; modern poetry; aesthetic theory; travel writing; literature and censorship; themes in literature for children.

Field, Roger (rfield@uwc.ac.za): African and South African literature; literature of the Western Cape; psychoanalytic and historical approaches to literature, painting and comics; literary knowledge; modernism; Greek mythology, the classics and Africa; life-writing (biography, memoir and autobiography), film analysis.

Flockemann, Miki (mflockemann@uwc.ac.za): the aesthetics of transformation and transition; diaspora studies with a focus on fiction; performance aesthetics in local theatre and performance.Kohler, Peter (pkohler@uwc.ac.za): South African literature; literary theory; archival research.

Patel, Mahmoud (mpatel@uwc.ac.za): second language acquisition in an academic development (AD) context; law and language development in an AD context.

Martin, Julia (jmartin@uwc.ac.za): environmental literacy; narrative scholarship; engaged Buddhism.

Michael, Cheryl-Ann (cmichael@uwc.ac.za): narrative theory and theories of autobiography; children’s literature; 19th century fiction (Jane Austen, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope); slave narratives (18th and 19th century British and American narratives); the history of art and the novel; narratives of science and the novel; cultures of food writing (essays, memoirs and fiction).

Moolla, Fiona (fmoolla@uwc.ac.za): the novel, literary representations of the self, oratures and literatures of the African continent with a special interest in Eastern Africa.

​Susan Ntete (sntete@uwc.ac.za): teaching English as a second language; applied linguistics.

: (nsithole@uwc.ac.za). Creative writing, African literatures, orality, literature and spirituality, ecology.

Van der Merwe, Meg (mvandermerwe@uwc.ac.za): creative writing, immigrant writing, African-American women’s writing; American literature and theory post-1945.

​Volschenk, Jacolien (jvolschenk@uwc.ac.za): science fiction; Caribbean fiction; feminism; academic literacy.Wittenberg, Hermann (hwittenberg@uwc.ac.za): Literary representations of space and landscape; literature, transition and social change; archival literary research and histories of the book, ecology and writing, visual culture.