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DUT Website, With the heralding of its centenary year in 2007 the Durban University of Technology (DUT) takes its place among the distinguished seats of learning in our country and on the African continent. Spanning a century, the institution’s graduates have left an indelible mark on the history of this country.

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The past hundred years have seen a great deal of change. Vice-Chancellors, professors and students have come and gone; tens of thousands of lives have been enriched by the education received at the Durban University of Technology, and its predecessors. Their dedicated staff members, some of whom have been at the institution all of their working lives, have all contributed to the development of a vibrant institution.

The Higher Education landscape changed in South Africa in 2002 when the ML Sultan and Technikon Natal merged to form the Durban Institute of Technology on 1 April 2002. In order to further streamline and harmonize the academic activities of all tertiary institution in South Africa, the Department of Education recommended additional restructuring to ensure that South Africa’s tertiary education institutions were able to position themselves against global benchmarks to attract the finest students and staff, to provide a complete set of practical and academic campuses, to offer an optimal mix of academic and vocational qualifications; and to provide for the development of skills required by the country. In line with this development, the Durban Institute of Technology formally changed its name to the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in March 2006.

It operates on five different campuses in Durban, and two in Pietermaritzburg, offering tuition through its six faculties of Accounting and Informatics; Applied Sciences; Arts and Design; Engineering and the Built Environment; Health Sciences; and Management Sciences.

In 2012 DUT had 25 000 local and international, culturally diverse students enrolled for undergraduate and post graduate studies.

With approximately 30 000 students, the Durban University of Technology (DUT) is the first choice for higher education in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). It is located in the beautiful cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg (PMB). As a University of Technology, it prioritises the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring its academic staff possess the highest possible qualification that they can get.

The Durban University of Technology is a result of the merger in April 2002 of two prestigious technikons, ML Sultan and Technikon Natal. It was named the Durban Institute of Technology and later became the Durban University of Technology in line with the rest of the universities of technology.

DUT, a member of the International Association of Universities, is a multi-campus university of technology at the cutting edge of higher education, technological training and research. The university aspires to be a “preferred university for developing leadership in technology and productive citizenship”, and to “making knowledge useful”.

As a butterfly develops from a pupa, so have the students at our institution. From the moment they register as green freshers, to their capping at the hallowed graduation ceremony, our students undergo an intellectual evolution.


A preferred university for developing leadership in technology and productive citizenship.


Our mission is to excel through:

  • A teaching and learning environment that values and supports the university community.
  • Promoting excellence in learning and teaching, technology transfer and applied research.
  • External engagement that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration and partnership.


  • Respect, Recognition, Opportunity and Access
  • Loyalty, Dignity and Trust
  • Transparency, Openness, Honesty and Shared Governance
  • Responsibility, Accountability, Collegiality and Professionalism

The contact details and address for the institution is provided below, it also entails contact details of different faculties, the registrar’s office and other salient places in the institution.

Durban Switchboard: 031 373 2000
Midlands Switchboard: 033 845 8800
E-mail: info@dut.ac.za
P O Box 1334, Durban 4000
Financial Aid
Tel: 031 373 2553 (Dbn)
Tel: 033 845 8890 (Midlands)

Maps and GPS Coordinates

Financial Balance or Examination Results 
SMS the following to 34763
For Financial balance:
For Exam results:
or Telephone: 083 913 5006
Enquries for Student Fees:
031 373 5164 / 031 373 2379
Enquiries for Student Records:
Faculty of Accounting and Informatics – 031 373 5152 / 031 373 5826
Faculty of Applied Sciences – 031 373 2506 / 031 373 2717
Faculty of Arts and Design – 031 373 6523 / 031 373 6521 / 031 373 6519
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment – 031 373 2186 / 031 373 2548 / 031 373 2718
Faculty of Health Sciences – 031 373 2446 / 031 373 2566 / 031 373 2702
Faculty of Management Sciences – 031 373 5441

Registrars Offices

Admission Contact Details for National Diploma

Durban – Student Admissions
Switchboard: 031 373 2000

Midlands – Student Administration Enquiries
Ms Bandu: Management Science
033 845 8815
Ms Tshabalal: Education & Civil Engineering
033 845 8951