NWU Degrees

NWU Degrees

NWU Degrees,

Available Honours degrees

Honours Bachelor of Arts

BA Languages

  • BA Afrikaans and Dutch
  • BA English
  • BA Sesotho
  • BA Comparative African Languages and Literature
  • BA Language Practice
  • BA Language Practice Research (This programme will only be introduced from 2016 onwards)

BA Communication
BA Humanities (general)

  • BA History
  • BA Theology
BA Behavioural Sciences

  • BA Medical Sociology
  • BA Psychology
  • BA Industrial Psychology
  • BA Human Resource Management
  • BA Labour Relations

BA Development and Management

  • BA Public Management and Governance
  • BA Political Studies


BEd Honours (Education Sciences)

  • BEd Education Management, Law and Systems
  • BEd Learner Support
  • BEd Curriculum studies

Honours Bachelors of Commerce

  • BCom Economics
  • BCom Risk Management
  • BCom Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • BCom Chartered Accountancy
  • BCom Financial Accountancy
  • BCom Industrial Psychology
  • BCom Human Resource Management
  • BCom Labour Relations Management


Honours Bachelors of Sciences

  • BSc Information Technology
  • BSc Computer Science and Information Systems