DUT Faculty Of Health Sciences

DUT Faculty Of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Health offers a wide range of programmes for health professionals and is able to cater for most students interested in the health and well-being of communities.

Our sleek facilities include a state-of-the-art dental technology laboratory, and fully functional homeopathy, chiropractic, somatology, radiography, primary health and community nursing clinics to serve our communities. A modern environmental health laboratory, a computerised physiology laboratory, and two human anatomy laboratories compare favourably with the best facilities in South Africa.

Emergency Medical Care and Rescue students use all the equipment necessary for training in efficient, high technology emergency and rescue situations under expert guidance. The Department of Child and Youth Development are partners in community projects which help children at risk.

In addition to the excellent opportunities for experiential learning, academic and support staff are well qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated to their students and to their professions.

Research is endorsed as an integral part of training in the health profession, and participation in research by staff and students is encouraged and supported. Graduates are in demand in both the public and the private sectors. The Faculty of Health aims to meet the needs of the country and communities in producing quality health professionals.

  • Biomedical Technology

BHSc in Medical Laboratory Science

ND Biomedical Technology

ND Biomedical Technology (4 year)

BT Biomedical Technology

  • Clinical Technology

BHSc in Clinical Technology

ND Clinical Technology

ND Cllinical Technology (4 year)

BT Clinical Technology

  • Chiropractic

BHSc Chiropractic

ND Chiropractic

ND Chiropractic (4 year)

BT Chiropractic

  • Somatology

Diploma in Somatology

Advanced Diploma in Somatology

Postgraduate Diploma in Somatology

ND Somatology

ND Somatology (4 year)

BT Somatology

  • Environmental Health

BHSc Environmental Health

ND Environmental Health

BT Environmental Health

  • Child & Youth Care

Bachelor of Child & Youth Care

ND Child & Youth Care

BT Child & Youth Care

  • Dental Sciences

NHC Dental Assisting

ND Dental Technology

BT Dental Technology

  • Emergency Medical Care and Rescue

BHSc Emergency Medical Care

BT Emergency Medical Care

  • Homoeopathy

BHSc Homeopathy

BHSc Homeopathy ECP

ND Homeopathy

ND Homeopathy (4 year)

BT Homeopathy

  • Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics

BHSc Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics

  • Nursing (Durban)
  • Radiography

BHSc Diagnostic Radiography

BHSc Diagnostic Sonography

BHSc Nuclear Medicine

BHSc Radiotheraphy

ND Radiography: Diagnostic :Main Stream

ND Radiography: Diagnostic ECP

ND Radiography: Nuclear Medicine

ND Radiography: Theraphy

ND Radiography: Ultrasound

BT Radiography: Diagnostic

BT Radiography: Nuclear Medicine

BT Radiography: Theraphy

BT Radiography: Ultrasound

  • Basic Medical Sciences (service courses)