MUT Civil Engineering

MUT Civil Engineering, Engineering programmes are about the design and production of useful products and services. Engineers convert scientific knowledge into technology and then technology into successful advancement. At MUT we offer the National Diplomas in Chemical, Civil, Surveying, Electrical, Building (Construction Management & Quantity Surveying), and Mechancial Engineering.  We also offer a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering.

The faculty of Engineering also offers access (bridging programmes) designed to prepare students who could not fulfill all the diploma entrance requirements.

List of Engineering qualifications and CAO codes

QualificationMinimum requirementsCAO codeDuration
Chemical EngineeringMathematics 4Physical Science            4English 1st Additional  4MN-M-CE33yrs
Civil EngineeringMathematics 4Physical Science            4English 1st Additional  4MN-M-CV33yrs
SurveyingMathematics 4Physical Science            4English 1st Additional  4MN-M-SV33yrs
BuildingMathematics 4Physical Science            4English 1st Additional  4MN-M-BU33yrs
Electrical EngineeringMathematics 4Physical Science            4English 1st Additional  4MN-M-EE53yrs
Mechanical EngineeringMathematics 4Physical Science            4English 1st Additional  4MN-M-ME33yrs

Engineering Access (bridging) programmes and CAO codes

QualificationMinimum requirementsCAO codeDuration
Chemical EngineeringPhysical Science      3MN-M-CEB6 Months
Civil EngineeringPhysical Science      3MN-M-CVB6 Months
Electrical EngineeringMathematics 3Physical Science 3MN-M-EEB6 Months
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish 4Mathematics 3Physical Science 3MN-M-MEB6 Months
BuildingEnglish 4Mathematics 3Physical Science 3MN-M-BUB6 Months
SurveyingEnglish 4Mathematics 3Physical Science 3MN-M-SVB6 Months

Career opportunities

National Diploma: Chemical Engineering

The course trains students to be technicians qualified to assist a chemical engineer or plant operator in the control, maintenance and functioning of processes involved in the production of chemicals. The technician’s duties include research, economic evaluation and unit operations.

National Diploma: Civil Engineering

The course qualifies the technician for employment with civil engineering contractors, consultants, Government departments or municipalities, where he/she would form part of a team usually managed by a professional engineer or technologist. The techniciancould be involved in the design and construction of civil engineering structures such as roads, bridges, dams, railways, harbours, buildings and airports.

Civil Engineering

National Diploma: Engineering: Civil
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