List Of Veterinary Schools In South Africa

Veterinary Schools train students in saving animal’s lives and taking good care of them. Veterinary medicine is by far the most popular dream job for animal lovers, and many kids start mentioning their interest in this career path at a very young 

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree is a six-year course. Prerequisite subjects, or assumed knowledge, in one or more of English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics are normally required. Universities have different prerequisites and some have flexible entry requirements.

The minimum entry requirement is the National Senior Certificate (NSC) with the following subjects and levels of achievement:

  • English at Home or First Additional level: 60-69%
  • Mathematics: 60-69%
  • Physical Science: 60-69%

If you have the desire to be a Veterinary doctor then you have to attend one of the schools listed below.

List Of Veterinary Schools In South Africa