UCT Printing Credits

UCT Printing Credits

UCT Printing Credits,

Electronic Web Deposit

Students and visitors can conveniently upload credit, or have someone else upload credit, to their account online without having to manually purchase credits at a cash box.
The electronic payment service, called Electronic Web Deposit, enables the system to accept deposits through a secure web-based user interface using the following:

  • Visa\Mastercard credit card
  • Cheque\Debit card (online purchasing may need to be activated through your bank)

Note: Use the same Pay by credit card interface for your debit card.

  • EFT

Should you need assistance loading web deposits, you can visit one of the following location for help.

  • Document centre at the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library
  • Medical campus library
  • Masingene copy room 3rd floor.

Note: It is important to ensure that you enter the correct Student or Visitor card number when uploading credit.  Neither UCT nor Nashua is liable for costs incurred if you deposit money into the wrong account and it is subsequently used by a third party.
Electronic Web Deposit makes use of Setcom to ensure your payment is secure.
Should print credits not reflect once you’ve made a purchase:
If you have purchased copy credits but have not received them please immediately email your proof of payment to our helpdesk: help@uct.nashuacapetown.co.za and we will assist you.