UKZN Residence

UKZN Residence, We offer a wide variety of accommodation on or near to your chosen campus. Our aim is to create a LIVING and LEARNING space to enable you to spend the next few years of your life developing and furthering not only your academic interest, but also your personal life and character. As we are fully committed to self-catering you will be able to develop your life skills by purchasing and cooking your own meals in the communal kitchens and doing your own laundry in the communal laundries.
The challenges in our developing society are enormous and will require creative and innovative individuals who are flexible and committed to the greater good of all of our peoples.
You will have the opportunity to mix with other students of different ages, gender and background.
In order to make your stay as pleasurable as possible we have the following staffing & student structures to assist you:
1. House Committees elected by your residence’s students each year around September- the members of the House Committee will represent your views and suggestions/complaints to management;
2. Residence Assistants chosen from suitable Postgraduate students on an annual basis around November/December who have your best interests at heart – they are responsible to look out for your health and safety and will also ensure that Residence House Rules are followed to ensure the former. They report to a Residence Life Officer (normally a full-time UKZN staff member who engages with the Residence Assistants after hours).
3. The Residence Life Co-ordinator is overall in charge of all Residence Life aspects and courses being offered to enhance your student development as it relates to residences. This portfolio also deals with any student disciplinary cases if and when they transpire.
4. The Assets and Building Officer, responsible for your particular residence, will ensure that you have a clean room, with the basic furniture that is allocated to each student, as well as functional and clean bathrooms, kitchens, laundries  and leisure spaces i.e. TV lounge.
5. The Administrative Staff are responsible for receiving your annual Applications and for implementing the agreed Placement Policy. They will ensure that you are correctly placed and charged according to the University Policies. You will need to see them if you decide to leave residence for whatever reason, in order to process your Withdrawal from Residence.
6. Each Campus has a Residence Head of Campus who is overall in charge of all matters relating to residence spaces for students. This Head of Campus will be found on the three principal campuses: Pietermaritzburg, Westville and Howard College.
7. The Heads of Campus are supported by Financial Administrators.
8. The Manager, responsible for staffing, policies and infrastructural development, has an office on the Westville Campus of UKZN.
At UKZN we are passionate about teaching and learning. This is reflected in our commitment to create LIVING and LEARNING spaces in our owned residences which are also fully wireless compatible for the use of laptops and other hand-held devices.
We are furthermore engaging with Landlords in off- campus leased residences to ensure similar features wherever possible.
Our motto: Every Student Matters, transcends the social, cultural and academic discourse across Disciplines.  The University encourages and embraces diversity in all facets of student experience and we actively house students with disabilities and students from other countries wherever possible.
UKZN is a residential university structured on a College model.  Four Colleges comprising of two disciplines each offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across five campuses: Edgewood, Howard College, Medical School, Pietermaritzburg and Westville.
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