Damelin Security Management Diploma

Damelin Security Management Diploma, Get info about online coursework in security management. Read about program requirements, course topics and degree levels, and check out career and continuing education options.

Essential Information

Online diploma programs in security management are rare, but students interested in this field of study could find alternatives at the degree and certificate levels. Several schools offer fully online certificate and degree programs in security management. Distance learning degrees in security management include Associate of Science in Security and Emergency Management, Bachelor of Science in Security Management and Master of Science in Security and Public Safety Management. A bachelor’s degree is required for graduate programs.

Security Management Programs

Graduate programs provide in-depth knowledge and skills, while undergraduate programs offer foundational knowledge in the field as well as general education. Some schools allow distance learners to complete a concentration in areas such as organizational security or emergency planning. Prospective graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for admission.

Common Courses

Coursework in online security management programs is usually the same as in programs held on campus. Undergraduate certificate programs may be completed independently from any other studies or incorporated into a related bachelor’s program, such as those related to criminal justice. Graduate programs, particularly master’s degrees, typically require some type of capstone course or project as a culminating experience. Coursework varies among program levels and schools, but many cover similar areas of concern within security management, such as:

  • Public Safety Administration
  • Asset Protection
  • Professional Ethics
  • Security Personnel Laws and/or Regulations
  • Security Program Evaluations
  • Principles and Theories of Security Management
  • Loss Prevention and Mitigation
  • Forensic Studies

Online Learning

In a distance learning program for security management, individuals sign into their accounts at times that are convenient to them, access assignments, interact with others in their classes who may be online at that time and participate in asynchronous classroom discussions. Instructors post the syllabus, allowing students to plan for assignments and test dates. Most security management programs can be completed totally online.

Career Information

Individuals who hold a certificate or an associate’s degree can seek entry-level positions in organizations like correctional facilities or law enforcement agencies. Those who hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees find more upper-level careers open to them in the private security and loss prevention fields. Upon graduation, individuals are also prepared for career paths in the following areas:

  • Lodging security
  • Executive security and asset protection
  • Aircraft security
  • Border patrol
  • Homeland security

Online degrees in security management are available at the certificate, undergraduate degree and graduate degree levels, and may allow focused studies in specific areas related to security, like organizational security and emergency planning. Graduates with advanced degrees may find work in security fields such as border patrol, homeland security and aircraft security.