Damelin Grade 8

Damelin Grade 8, Our unique junior college caters for a special and exciting phase in one’s life and calls for specialist educators who are empathetic and dedicated to the students in their care. We are privileged to have a team of highly qualified teachers who are recognized as experts in their fields and are exceptional at leading students through this phase of life — helping them to gain confidence and motivation.
Every moment of your journey is important, because Concord College staff nurture talents, encourage independent thought and inspire each student to achieve their maximum potential. Critical life skills such as the setting and achieving of goals and taking responsibility, motivate pupils in finding direction for future success.
Every student is on a pathway — a pathway that includes various trials and successes. This involves a fine balancing act, with academic success being paramount and requiring outstanding facilitation and monitoring. Embarking on this pathway at Concord College can change your life.