UCT Holidays

UCT Holidays

UCT Holidays,


Public holidays in 2018

Date Holiday
Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day
Wednesday, March 21 Human Rights Day
Friday, March 30 Good Friday
Monday, April 2 Family Day
Friday, April 27 Freedom Day
Tuesday, May 1 Workers Day
Saturday, June 16 Youth Day
Thursday, August 9 National Women’s Day
Monday, September 24 Heritage Day
Sunday, December 16 Day of Reconciliation
Monday, December 17 Public Holiday
Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day
Wednesday, December 26 Day of Goodwill

Jewish Holidays

Date Holiday
1 March Purim
31 March Start of Pesach
07 April End of Pesach
20 May Start of Shavuot
21 May End of Shavuot
10 September Rosh Hashana (New Year day 1)
11 September Rosh Hashana (New Year day 2)
19 September Yom Kippur
24 -25 September Sukkot
26 – 30 September Sukkot
03 December First day of Channukah
10 December Last day of Channukah

Islamic Holidays

Date Holiday
16 May Fasting month of Ramadan (Fasting begins)
15 June Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
22 August Eid-al Adha

Hindu Holidays

Date Holiday
14 January Makar Sankranti
14 February Maha Shivaratri
25 March Ramayana week begins
02 September Sri Krishna Janmashtami
07 November Deepavali