Our Vision
Empowering the NWU to excellence through the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies.
Our Mission

  • To align IT strategies and value disciplines with business strategies and become a strategic business partner;
  • To improve the balance and applying the optimal value disciplines between the five functional areas of IT by moving from a low value support focus towards a higher maturity level in terms of business value for Research, Teaching and Learning, while sustaining the maturity of Administrative systems, Shared services and ANC (ancillary).

Our Strategies

  1. Staffing:  Implement an agile staffing strategy that will improve the IT value proposition (aligned to the NWU success model) and have a balanced approach to the core activities of the University.
  2. Research:  Add real value to research activities by implementing an eResearch strategy with all the necessary stakeholders (Research DVC, Research Office, IT, Library, Research groupings).
  3. Learning & Teaching: Position IT as a key enabler in the operationalisation of the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement:  Engage with different stakeholder groups, building mutual trust and understanding to ultimately become strategic partners. Openness and transparency will be key in this strategy.
  5. Cyber Infrastructure:  Improve the provisioning of ample and appropriate computing capacity, storage for large volumes of data, broad and ubiquitous connectivity, and specialised and IT-integrated capturing and analytical instruments.
  6. Support Model:  Improve the IT support model to provide differentiated support and enable self-support while facilitating freedom of choice. Strive for operational excellence.
  7. Continuous Improvement:  Continuously improve the current IT services to ensure higher availability and reliability, thereby increasing productivity and user satisfaction.

We have an IT Service Desk on each campus.  Should you experience an IT related problem please log a ticket within IT-Help or contact your campus IT Service Desk.
Should you wish to provide us with feedback, feel free to drop us an email at talk2IT@nwu.ac.za


Room G76
Building A1
(+27 18) 389 2013/6
(+27 18) 389 2164

Monday – Friday
8:00 – 13:00 and
14:00 – 16:30
(Closed weekends and
Public holidays)

Internal Box 575

North-West University
IT Mafikeng Campus
Private Bag X2046
South Africa


Room 111
Building F20
(+27 18) 299 2700

Monday – Friday
7:45 – 16:30
(Closed weekends and
Public holidays

Internal Box 529

North-West University
IT Potchefstroom Campus
Private Bag X6001
South Africa


Room 105
Building 8
(+27 16) 910 3324/8

Monday – Friday
7:45 – 16:30
(Closed weekends and
Public holidays)

Internal Box 125

North-West University
IT Vaal Triangle Campus
Private Bag 1174
South Africa