CPUT Marketing

CPUT Marketing

CPUT Marketing, Welcome to the Marketing Department. We currently offer the National Diploma, B Tech, M Tech and D Tech qualifications. These qualifications are designed to equip students with skills to understand customer needs, and deliver superior value while building profitable and mutually beneficial relationships.
The Department embraces the view that Marketing itself is a creative and exciting business function, which is fundamental to every successful business model. Over and above, developing and broadening your business acumen, the qualifications presents you with opportunities to share and learn, network and develop excellence in the field.
The Marketing qualifications blend sound academic study with a grounding in professional business practice through a practical hands-on approach. During the Diploma this includes a work period in industry presenting the student with an opportunity to gain experience and begin their future marketing career in a variety of fields, which may include: Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Marketing Research.
Studying at university should be goal-directed. Each lecture, each subject and each assessment allows a student the opportunity to reflect on their course of study and whether or not the student is gaining as much as s/he should from the experience.
We wish you well as you embark on your journey of growth and development

Course Information and Fees

MARKETING (To be discontinued as of 1 January 2018, and replaced by Diploma in Marketing)

ND: (National Diploma)

The aim of the course is to introduce students to marketing principles and practices, sales principles, advertising strategies and marketing research techniques and prepare them for positions in marketing, sales, advertising and product management.
Career Opportunities
This qualification may lead to a variety of careers in business, including the following:

  • Marketing manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Accounts manager
  • Product manager
  • Sales representative
  • Sales manager
  • Market researcher

Admission requirements
For all Certificate, Diploma and National Diploma applications, consult the General admission requirements.
General admission requirements
Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application.
Additional admission requirements
For all Honours, Masters and Doctorate applications, consult the Postgraduate admission requirements.
Postgraduate admission requirements

Syllabus and fees

First Year

Compulsory subject(s):

Second Year

Compulsory subject(s):

Third Year

Compulsory subject(s):
Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / Three years, including a period of experiential learning
Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time / Four years
Course is offered on Bellville Campus. (part-time only)
Course is offered on District Six Campus.
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