UJ Medicine

UJ Medicine

UJ Medicine, the Faculty offers learners a preferred experience; innovative methods of training with a focus on problem-based education complemented by appropriate facilities including a well-equipped dissection facility and laboratories. Our on site Health Training Centre ensures that students receive a wide-range of relevant experienc​e under the supervision of qualified practitioners, complemented by placements in relevant service rendering facilities.
Postgraduate studies form an important component of the Faculty’s activities. In collaboration with various partners, including but not exclusive to the National Research Foundation, Medical Research Council and World Health Orga​nisation, we strive to address key challenges relevant to the South African situation.

In keeping with our pursuit of excel​le​nce, we are constantly re-evaluating our approaches to teaching, learning and assessment. Programme reviews, external advisory committees and quality assurance initiatives are some examples of how we ensure that we remain leaders in our relevant fields.

Our Faculty is committed to community development and various programmes are involved in sustainable, social investment and community outreach programmes. Furthermore, our focus on life-long learning remains core from the day learners enter our programmes and throughout their professional careers.​​ ​

Department of Nursing


The Department of Nursing Sciences is proud to present the programmes that are described on this website. Our guarantee of academic quality lies in the fact that the academics of the University of Johannesburg constantly develop and upgrade every programme. The Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing Sciences, of which this Department is part, also strives to give excellent service to every student.

The University of Johannesburg would like to make a significant contribution to the development of all South Africans. Research is constantly being carried out into the most suitable mode of presentation for every course. We use multi-mode programme presentation so as to optomise the teaching and learning process in a manner that can be to your advantage. Furthermore, you can rely on a strong system of student support that includes study letters, workshops, contact sessions, phone-in afternoons and technological support.
The Department of Nursing Sciences trusts that your studies will be pleasant and rewarding. Feel free to contact the Department about any aspect of your studies – we will gladly assist you.
Educational Approach
The School of Nursing Sciences at University of Johannesburg follows a multi-modal approach to education to meet the needs of every learner. These modes include:

  • Weekday lectures
  • Block System
  • Web

Accreditation of Programmes
All program​mes offered at the School of Nursing Sciences are approved by:

  • SA Nursing Council
  • SAQA
  • HEQC