UP Funding

UP Funding

UP Funding,

Prospective students

Students who want to apply for UP loans or UP funding:

  • must first apply for admission to study at the University and wait to receive a student  number;
  • must apply for funding as soon as the University has sent them a student number, even before they have been notified of whether their study application was successful or not should not wait for their final school-year end examination results before applying for funding;
  • must apply for UP funding between 1 August and 30 November of the year preceding the commencement of studies;
  • must apply on the University of Pretoria website at www.up.ac.za/feesfunding; and
  • students should regularly follow-up their applications on the UP Portal “Student Centre”

If you are a first time user of the UP Portal, go to https:http://www.up.ac.za/portal click on “New User” and enter your student number (u00000000) as username. Type in your ID/passport number and click on Proceed.

Available loans

  • The following loans are available: University loans, Edu-Loans and private banks’ study loans.
  • All applications for funding require the submission of various documents to prove the award or financial need. Such documents are referred to as “supporting documents”. Outstanding supporting documents or information will delay the processing of an application for funding.

University managed loans

Applications open Applications close Application website Contact information
1 August of the year preceding studies 30 November
of the year preceding studies
www.up.ac.za/feesfunding UP Student Service Centre
Tel: +27 (0)12 420 3111
  • The University manages various loan funds on behalf of various donors. Awarding of study loans is subject to registered students being financially needy.
  • These study loans are primarily approved for the payment of tuition fees and will be administered accordingly.
  • The loan amounts vary from R500 to R20 000 and are repayable at an interest rate of prime -1%. (Prime as on 1 January of the year in which the loan was issued.)
  • Loan re-payment commences once the student completes the study programme. Interest is payable during the year in which the loan is granted.
  • To be considered for a UP managed loan, applicants must provide two guarantors who comply with the conditions as determined by the University.
  • UP managed loans are not guaranteed and are subject to availability of funds.


 Applications open  Applications close  Application website  Contact information
always open always open www.eduloan.co.za Edu-Loan Office on
UP Hatfield Campus
Tel: +27 (0)12 420 5175

Fundi is a private leading provider of study loans in South Africa. They provide study loans for:

  • registered students whose parents have been employed permanently for longer than one year; or
  • registered students who themselves have been employed permanently for longer than one year.

Important information about funding postgraduate

Apply for financial aid in the year BEFORE you study
Apart from the university, many companies and institutions also offer scholarships and bursaries, so be sure to also browse for these on the “Funding Opportunities” on the university website www.up.ac.za/feesfunding, and view the listing below. The scholarships listed indicate where and how you apply for them.
The university manages a number of financial aid funds on behalf of institutions who provide such funding. No loan or bursary is however guaranteed by the University of Pretoria. Apply for university managed funding on the University of Pretoria web pagewww.up.ac.za/feesfunding before31 October 2017 for possible financial aid in 2018.

Own employer / Other institutional funding

Funding opportunities
You can search for a list of various company institutional bursaries and loan on “Funding Opportunities
We also recommend that you browse the general internet for “South Africa”, “postgraduate”, “bursary” and “your intended degree programme”. Numerous companies may offer bursaries, however be aware that many websites are outdated and the information is no longer relevant. Never pay for any website or institution to send you information and do not provide private information to unknown parties.
External bursary opportunities
On the UP website, www.up.ac.za/feesfunding, you can search for a list of some external companies and institutions that offer bursaries.
Browsing the internet for “South Africa”, “postgraduate”, “bursary” and “your intended degree programme” lists numerous companies that may offer bursaries.  Be aware that many websites are outdated and the information is no longer relevant. Never pay for any website or institution to send you information and do not provide private information to unknown parties.
After securing your own bursary
If you have secured your own external bursary from a company or institution, you need to bring this to our attention.
In order for the University to capture this external bursary information and, where applicable, waive the requirement to pay the initial registration fee in order to register, you must submit written proof of the bursary/bursaries awarded to you prior to or during registration at the Client Service Centre.
The proof of bursary must be on an official letterhead, signed by the bursar/donor, and must confirm the total amount of the bursary granted to you and must also indicate what the bursary amount covers (eg tuition fees, residence, meals, textbooks, etc).
A bursary form is available in the Client Service Centre or can be downloaded from the UP web page, www.up.ac.za, which can assist external institutions in clearly specifying the detail of the bursary they are offering the student. This bursary form however, must be submitted together with the proof of a bursary on the official letterhead of the bursar/donor.