B Tech In Civil Engineering At DUT

B Tech In Civil Engineering At DUT, As a progressive department, our mission is to contribute innovatively to the socio-economic development of South Africa by offering a portfolio of relevant programmes:

  • Producing well-rounded graduates who are attuned to the needs of the profession
  • Generating, integrating and applying knowledge to stimulate socio-economic development
  • Partnering stake holders in sustainable development
  • Acting as an incubator for advanced study in clearly defined areas of strength
  • Being student centered and quality driven
  • Providing an enabling environment for continued staff development.


To be a quality driven department of Civil Engineering that provides a well-rounded, professional education that ensures that graduates are innovative and have a competitive edge.


Please note that due to National legislation, signed into effect by the Minister of Higher Education in the Government Gazette no.40123 of 6th July 2016, the last permitted enrollment for any non-HEQSF aligned programme will be the 31st December 2019. This means that you will not be able to enrol in a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree at DUT, or at any other institution in South Africa after this date.

Every candidate for this qualification shall have:

1. Completed the requirements for the National Diploma: Engineering: Civil or the National Higher Diploma: Civil Engineering or have been granted conferment of status of these qualifications.


2. Completed a minimum of one year of appropriate experience in desired field of specialization (this may include experience gained whilst undertaking experiential learning) if a former student of the Durban University of Technology, and three years of appropriate post diploma experience in the desired field of specialization if from another institution.

Note: Applicants in possession of the National Higher Diploma: Civil Engineering will be required to have passed the subjects as listed below according to the selected specialist field:

Construction Management: Theory of Management IV or equivalent
Geotechnical: Soil Mechanics T4, Engineering Geology T2
Structural: Theory of Structures T4, Structural Design T4
Transportation/Urban: Road & Rail Const. & Design T4, Civil Eng. Documentation T4
Water: Water & Waste Water Eng T4