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Studying at the GSB is a career-making move. From our top-ranked MBA to our suite of executive education short courses, the GSB caters to leaders and managers at every stage of their learning journey. We listen to the market and develop courses that can help to get you future ready. Find the perfect course for your needs.




Africa is booming and the continent is hungry for skills, investment and wise leadership. As one of the leading business schools in the region, the GSB works hard to ensure that the work we do is actionable and relevant for our continent and that our students are engaged and ready to make a contribution to its sustainable development.
Emerging markets have several characteristics in common, including high levels of uncertainty, complexity and inequality associated with middle income traps and political and economic liberalisation. This has major consequences for the business and economic environment. At the GSB we seek to comprehensively unpack the political, institutional, economic, financial and social forces at work in these emerging economies with a view to better inform organisations and investors as to how to adapt their strategies and portfolios to take advantage of the opportunities presented.


Innovation is the life blood of organisations and economies and the success of tomorrow’s leaders will depend on their ability to manage change and drive innovation. At the GSB, we seek to provide a platform for students, academics and business professionals from around the world to collaborate and originate new ideas and develop new solutions to current and future challenges, particularly those facing us in Africa.


To be the best – you need to get the best out of your people. At the GSB, we understand that your training intervention needs to make a significant and relevant impact on your people’s performance and move the bottom line. Our customisation team will help you to think through the challenges that you face in your unique context and design a solution that will pay dividends.


An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends – according to Benjamin Franklin – and we at the GSB agree. That’s why we regularly use our convening power to host distinguished speakers from across the spectrum at our events and roundtable discussions to foster debate around the things that matter in our country and the world. Our events are open to anyone who shares our love of knowledge and commitment to building a better future.
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There is strength in numbers and the GSB boasts a formidable alumni network that stretches right across the world. As a graduate of this school you can connect with and tap into the knowledge and wisdom of this special group of people.
The GSB alumni network is a dynamic forum that comprises more than 23 000 past GSB students in 68 countries worldwide. Alumni are a living advertisement for the quality of the GSB, both through their career proficiency and the enthusiasm they express for their GSB experience.  Many of the School’s alumni hold key positions in top companies or have started their own successful businesses. Alumni play a vital role in supporting and encouraging more recent graduates to follow in their footsteps and GSB students who find employment after graduation – particularly internationally – frequently do so through alumni contacts.