NWU Honours In Education

NWU Honours In Education

NWU Honours In Education,

BEdHons Education Management, Law and Systems

Demonstration of learning outcomes at NQF level 6 or HEQF level 7 (480 credits of which 72 at NQF level 6 or HEQF level 7) comprising the following:

  1. pass in a Bachelor degree (360 credits) plus a Post-graduate Certificate in Education or any other professional education qualification [120 credits, of which 72 at level 6 (7)]; or
  2. pass in a Bachelor of Education degree (480 credits); or
  3. pass in a Bachelor degree (480 credits) that is evaluated as applicable; or
  4. any other recognised education qualification that adds up to 480 credits (of which 72 at NQF level 6 or HEQF level 7)
  5. A minimum pass of 65% average in the final year of the qualification that permits entry to the Hons BEd.
  6. To complete the qualification full-time the student’s general ability and academic performance must be to the satisfaction of the School Director.

First Year Modules (First and Second Semester)

  • FOER611 (Foundation of Education Research)
  • EMLO611 (Education Management and Organisations)
  • ONWR611 (Educational Law: Theory and Practice)
  • VGLO624 (Education Systems: Structures and Functions)

Second Year Modules (First and Second Semester)

  • RSPR671 (Research Report)
  • RSPR671 (Research Report)

Choose two electives from the following:

  • ONWR624 (Labour Law and School Governance)
  • ONWR625 (Human Rights and Democracy in Education)


  • VGLO622 (Modern Education Systems)
  • VGLO623 (Contemporary Issues: Comparative Perspectives)


  • ONWB624 (Human Resources Management and Development)
  • ONWB625 (Financial School Management)

Estimated Cost
R12 370  – R13 607
How to Apply?
Complete the official Application for Continuation of Studies form (if you are already a registered student of the NWU) – available at/or the University Application Form (if it is your first application for study at the NWU) – available at http://www.nwu.ac.za/prospective-students. Admission fee: R150.00