UCT Investment Management

UCT Investment Management

UCT Investment Management,

Investment Management online short course

A poll of 30 countries and economies – drawn from across the globe – measuring levels of financial knowledge, showed South Africa to be at the bottom of the list.1
Avoid being a part of that statistic. Become empowered locally, to invest globally.
Gain the confidence to take ownership of your own financial well-being and make informed, responsible investment decisions.
This investment management online short course from UCT offers a practical guide to the world of financial investments. The course does not offer specific investment advice but rather empowers you with the diverse skills needed to intelligently manage your investment portfolio and be able to choose the right company, the right fund and the right investment strategy with confidence.

What will set you apart

Earn a certificate of completion from the University of Cape Town in this online short course and be empowered with:

  • The know-how required to articulate the relationship between the economy and investing
  • The investigative skills needed for accessing offshore financial investments
  • An understanding of the fundamental concepts of investing
  • The ability to analyse different investment philosophies and constraints
  • The ability to lead and estimate the basic return of an equity investment
  • The expertise required to select a money market product and outline its characteristics
  • The ability to apply the fundamental principles of pooled investing
  • The knowledge to distinguish alternative asset classes and their associated financial markets and products

Course curriculum

This UCT-backed investment management course is designed to give you the flexibility to work when it suits you. You’ll receive continued support and guidance from an expert tutor and your Success Manager as you progress through the weekly modules in your own time.

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Course Module 1: An introduction to investing
  • Course Module 2: The effects of the economy
  • Course Module 3: The share market
  • Course Module 4: Interest bearing investments
  • Course Module 5: Other asset classes and investments
  • Course Module 6: Pooled investing
  • Course Module 7: Offshore investments
  • Course Module 8: Investment philosophies and constraints


Masters In Investment Management (by Coursework and Dissertation)
Entrance Requirements: A relevant level 8 qualification with an appropriate research component and level 7 financial exposure at are cognised university. Most applicants are likely to hold the following degrees or qualifications or equivalent: BBusSci FNC‚ FCA‚ QFN‚ ECO or Honours in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management and Honours in Economics graduates.
Only students who can attend full–time for the first year(coursework portion) of the programme are admitted.
In the second year‚ students in this stream write a 90 credit minor dissertation of approximately 25 000 words. This can be done part–time.
Foreign students may need to provide evidence of their competence in the English language being of a sufficient level that they can engage in academic writing. Applicants must demonstrate a high level of academic and quantitative ability. In general‚ a grade point average of atleast 70% is required over the candidate’s university career. Admission is competitive and the above does not guarantee admission. In certain cases‚ an interview may be required.
Upon application‚ a brief note or email indicating the candidate’s intention to apply‚ confirmation of his or her full–time availability for the first year (coursework portion) of the programme‚ a brief cv and full mark record (academic transcript) is to be provided.
Apply on line: applyonline.uct.ac.za

Course Code Description HEQF credits HEQF level
Year 1
FTX5043F Capital Markets & Financial Instruments 30 9
FTX5028W Topics in Financial Management 30 9
FTX5044S Empirical Finance 30 9
Year 2
FTX5003W Minor Dissertation 90 9