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Academic records

PLEASE NOTE: While Student Records is able to verify whether a person has a particular qualification from UCT or not, the Office is not able to release to parents, guardians and other third parties any private information pertaining to current or past students’ academic records, nor can we release copies of those academic records without written consent or proof of power of attorney, unless the disclosure complies with an obligation imposed by law.
The Student Records Office provides help with academic records.

Academic transcripts

The transcript is a complete record of all your academic activity at UCT. Partial transcripts that include only specific years or qualifications are not possible.
You receive 1 hard copy and 1 electronic copy of your official academic transcript after graduation.
If you don’t receive the electronic transcripts you must check within 3 months of the graduation ceremony by e-mailing reg-records@uct.ac.za with your full name and student number or date of birth. After that, you will have to request transcripts using the process below.
For security reasons, requests must be put in writing. The request must include your ID or passport number or date of birth. Fill out the Transcript Request Form electronically to avoid errors.
Third party requests must come with written consent from the student.
Cash payments must be made at the University Cashiers’ Office (Level 3, Kramer Law Building) or by credit card (form to be sent to Student Records) or by direct deposit into UCT’s bank account (proof of payment to be sent to Student Records). The Cashiers’ Office  is open Monday to Friday, 09:00–15:30.
No money can be accepted at the Student Records Office.
Proof of payment must be emailed, faxed or handed to the Student Records Office before the request can be processed. Screenshots of payment confirmation will not be accepted.
An academic transcript will not be issued if you have outstanding fees or an outstanding disciplinary case.
If you have just written exams, records are only be issued after those results have been released.
Academic transcripts take 4 working days to process. Records which have to be typed manually from archived master cards take 6 working days to process.
Students urgently wanting transcripts to be sent overseas should contact a courier company to collect them at the Student Records Office. If a courier is used, you will have to pay all courier costs.
Please email permission for the courier company to collect your transcripts – you must provide the name of the company.
Transcripts not collected within 3 months of being processed will be destroyed, and you will need to re-request and pay the fee again if you require transcripts.