List Of Bible Schools In South Africa

A seminary, school of theology, theological seminary, or divinity school is an educational institution for educating students (sometimes called seminarians) in scripture, theology, generally to prepare them for ordination to serve as clergy, in academics, or in Christian ministry.

Bible majors can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Bible Studies or a Bachelor of Science in Bible Studies. Both degrees require a minimum of 128 credit hours. It takes about four years to complete all of the classes.

List of Bible Schools In South Africa

Bible Institute of South Africa

Christian Bible Institute

Christian Family Church International Bible School

Rhema Bible College

River Bible Institute

Shofar Bible School

South African Theological Seminary

View Leadership College

Vineyard Institute South Africa

Southern Africa Bible College

Faith Bible College

Johannesburg Bible College

Vision Bible College Southern Africa

Evangelical Bible College

Living Waters Bible College

Phumelela Bible School

Mutare Bible College


Teamwork Bible College

Bastick Christ Gospel Bible Institute