Unizulu Nsfas

Unizulu Nsfas, Senior students will be automatically flagged for registration provided that they meet the NSFAS academic criteria of a minimum of 50% modules passed and that they did sign a contract with NSFAS. If a contract (LAFSOP/SOP/NBA) with NSFAS has not previously been signed, students must apply to NSFAS online for funding, like the First Years, and upon approval by NSFAS will be flagged for registration.

Sponsored students must produce the original letter from the sponsors and will be flagged for registration after a process of verification by the FAB Office.

  • On the NSFAS website obtain the DISABILITY INFORMATION FORM complete it, take it to the Doctor to fill their part then return it to MjaduP@unizulu.ac.za .
  • On the email subject line type – Returning Student with a Disability.
  • You will also need to apply for funding as stipulated on the NSFAS page; send all the required documents to NSFAS.
  • *NB* Completing this form does not replace any formor process, it is an additional document.