NWU Postgraduate Courses

NWU Postgraduate Courses

NWU Postgraduate Courses, The purpose of doing research is to solve problems that limit the growth and development of societies, communities, businesses and individuals. At the NWU, we remind ourselves constantly that we are here to make a difference in people’s lives and to nurture nature. By taking care of some of the problems humanity faces today and producing students ready to reshape the world, we are building a better university and a better South Africa,” says Prof Dan Kgwadi, NWU Vice-Chancellor, NWU Research Dynamics.
At the NWU our objective is to educate and empower our postgraduate students by providing quality programmes, ensuring well-educated graduates who are able to think critically and laterally.
One of the most important factors in deciding to enrol for master’s-degree or doctoral studies is the available academic expertise. In this regard you can rest assured: the North-West University prides itself on its increased research intensity, evidenced by the wide scope of postgraduate degree offerings.

Economic and Management Sciences


Contact students (full-time and part-time)

Distance learning students

  • Maureen Snyman (018 299 2135)
  • Distance learning call centre (018 285 5900)


  • The NWU Faculty of Engineering offers various four-year BEng programmes, with the option to enrol for a Masters degree upon completion. Contact Tanya van der Westhuizen(018 299 4020) for more information.

Health Sciences



Natural and Agricultural Sciences