UKZN Bursaries

UKZN Bursaries, a bursary does not have to be repaid, it is a free gift to financially needy students. Because there are far more students wanting free gifts than there is money available, bursaries are normally given to needy students with excellent academic results who are seen to be capable of obtaining their degree in the minimum amount of time. If you are offered several bursaries you will usually be permitted to accept only one (or two small bursaries) so that other needy students may benefit. One student cannot be over-funded whilst thousands of other needy students receive little or nothing.
Student Funding administered bursaries (mostly for returning undergraduate students at UKZN) are usually awarded after Registration to financially needy applicants whose current Gross Family Income does not exceed R150,000 per year and who pass 100% of their registered courses in the previous year’s exam sessions and, who achieve an average mark above 64.5% in those same courses.
The value of the bursary may be decided by the specific sponsor but will not exceed full study costs.
Higher average marks will achieve higher bursary values.
In 2013 a student achieving above 74.5% may be awarded a bursary valued at R25,000;
whereas a student achieving below 74.5% but above 64.5% may be awarded a bursary valued at R12500.
These bursaries are usually derived from Deceased Estates or Company Social Responsibility monies.
Students on NSFAS Loan/bursaries will have those awards adjusted after allocation of one of the above.
External sponsorship of the same students will also create an adjustment to the values awarded.
Our five biggest sponsors of Internally administered bursaries are:
> The Emma Smith Educational Trust
> The Cecil Renaud Educational Trust
> The Victor Daitz Foundation
> The Terry & Gladys Champain Educational Trust
> The United Kingdom Trust (see their website if you wish to make overseas donations for bursaries(
For additional sponsors external to the University please consult the External donors link for the database on the same website.
Contract bursary 
A contract bursary is usually offered by a Company or organisation as part of their Human Resource initiative and entails working for the Donor for at least one year for every year sponsored (at the normal salary applicable to the job).
The University of KwaZulu-Natal acknowledges with gratitude annual donations made by the following donors. You are automatically considered for these bursaries when you apply for Financial Aid according to the policies and parameters operating at the time of application and the specific criteria of the Donor.