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Documents for doctoral students can be downloaded below:
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Once you have been granted permission to include publications, you are required to include the following declaration in your thesis.

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A portfolio of publications is produced on a regular basis. Below are the different magazines and reports available on UCT Research and Innovation highlights.
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The Centre of Criminology offers four main degree types:

  • PhD in Criminology
  • Master’s by Dissertation Only
  • Masters in Criminology by Coursework and Mini-dissertation
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Law specialising in Criminology, Law and Society




Dawson, Muneebah (2014)  The Social Diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Mothers’ Experiences of Knowledge: An Ethnographic Study Set in Cape Town. Unpublished Honours thesis, Social Anthropology, UCT.
Eppel, Joe. (2014) Regulated Roots: Negotiating Belonging and Raising Children as a Zimbabwean Migrant in Cape Town, South Africa. Unpublished Honours thesis, Social Anthropology, UCT.

Leila Abdullahi

Mrs. Leila Hussein Abdullahi is a Research Fellow and PhD student at VACFA. Mrs. Leila graduated with Masters in Public Health (MPH), at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2012. Currently, she is a fourth year PhD student. Her PhD project focuses on the strategies to improve adolescents’ immunization in Africa in the decade of vaccine. Her supervisors are: Prof. Gregory Hussey, Prof. Charles Wiysonge and Dr. Benjamin Kagina.
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Description: An ICT guide for all students at UCT.
Version/Type: 2016 


Please download and complete the relevant form, and email it or bring it with you when you enter the workshop.
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