Unizulu Student Email

Unizulu Student Email, the Student Administration Department at the University of Zululand assists both undergraduate and postgraduate students with their academic needs starting on the day of their first registration, right through to the day they graduate.

  • Providing assistance during registration;
  • Handling changes to and the cessation of modules (modification);
  • Handling any changes to a student’s biographical particulars such as a change of address, cellular number, email address, etc.;
  • Processing and providing academic records;
  • Processing and providing confirmation of qualification;
  • Processing recognition of modules passed at other institutions;
  • Processing conditional exemptions;
  • Providing proof of registration;
  • Handling queries with regard to the yearbook/calendar and amendments to the yearbook/calendar;
  • Providing information on administrative matters;
  • Providing assistance with graduation ceremonies.

KwaDlangezwa Campus

Student Registration Building (opposite the Administration Building), 1st floor.

Richard’s Bay Campus

Richards Bay Campus, 2nd floor.

Application for Recognition of Modules/Courses SAF01
Application for Conferment of Equivalent Status SAF02Download
Modification Form SAF03Download
Verification of Biographical Data for Inclusion in the Programme of the University Graduation Ceremony – SAF04Download

Mr Z Gumede: Deputy Registrar Student Administration
Tel: 035 902 6270
Email: gumedez@unizulu.ac.za

Mrs NP Xulu: Office Administrator: KwaDlangezwa Campus
Tel: 035 902 6270
Email: xulunp@unizulu.ac.za

Mr Z Gqamane:Manager: KwaDlangezwa Campus
Tel: 035 902 6041
Email: gqamanez@unizulu.ac.za

Ms K S Adlam: Manager: Richard’s Bay Campus
Tel: 035 902 6924
Email: adlamk@unizulu.ac.za

Mr M Mtshali: Faculty Officer: Education
Tel: 035 902 6035
Email: mtshalim@unizulu.ac.za

Miss N Zungu: Faculty Officer: Education
Tel: 035 902 6574
Email: zungub@unizulu.ac.za

Mr B Dludla: Faculty Officer: Science and Agriculture
Tel: 035 902 6176
Email: dludlab@unizulu.ac.za

Miss J P Skhakhane: Faculty Officer: Commerce, Administration and Law
Tel: 035 902 6040
Email: SikhakhaneJ@unizulu.ac.za

Mr E M Ngubane: Faculty Officer: Arts
Tel: 035 902 6036
Email: ngubanee@unizulu.ac.za

Mr B Cebekhulu: Faculty Officer: Arts
Tel: 035 902 6548
Email: cebekhulub@unizulu.ac.za

Mr S Radebe: Admissions Officer: Richard’s Bay Campus
Tel: 035 902 6923
Email: RadebeE@unizulu.ac.za