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UWC Nursing, The School of Nursing, UWC aims to position itself as an innovative School of Nursing and Midwifery in the county in line with the Minister of Education’s restructuring proposal in 2003 to position the University of the Western Cape as the one of two enrolling institutions for undergraduate nursing in the province along with the postgraduate programme.

  • The School of Nursing believes that the process of producing a professional nurse is best achieved through a community, problem and competency based curriculum. We believe that the professional nurse is a community orientated, generalist nurse who is competent in meta-cognitive, problem-solving, partnership-building and self-directed learning skills, as well as the attributes of a caring person.
  • The School believes education does not mean the transmission of information and skills, but aims much more broadly at developing self- learning and personal development in the student. In order to reach these goals, the Nursing programme should use teaching and learning strategies that promote active learning.

The School of Nursing at the University of the Western Cape focuses on  excellent performance by:

  • Developing  competent Nursing practitioners who value and implement a primary health care approach in dealing with individuals, groups and communities:
  • Developing  competency through a process and student based curriculum with the emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking and partnership building skill;
  • Operationalising the value of good quality of life (health), for all equal and just, within the framework of respect for uniqueness, dignity and freedom of every human being.
  • Being committed to, and honour the service of mankind through scientifically sound, sensitive and behaviour.

 Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)

The STTI was founded in 1922, with members in 85 countries. The organisation supports the learning, knowledge, and professional development of nurses making a difference in global health.

Visit the Honour Society of Nursing website

Why study Nursing?

Nurses are highly skilled health care professionals who combine the art of caring with scientific knowledge and skills developed through their education and training. A nurse is responsible for the assessment, planning, provision and evaluation of nursing care as it relates to the promotion of health, the prevention of illness, care and rehabilitation of the sick. The aim is to improve the health outcomes for individuals, families and communities.  

The four year B Nursing qualification at UWC entitles you to practice as a general nurse, midwife, community health and psychiatric nurse after registration with the South African nursing Council. Professional nurses who have qualified, provide a broad range of services in the clinical field, but may also follow careers in non-clinical areas. They work with a broad range of people across the lifespan (from infancy, adulthood to the elderly), and across a wide range of activities, from the care of the critically ill to the delivery of healthy infants. There are career opportunities for appropriately qualified nurses worldwide, with great demand both locally and internationally.

 Career Opportunities

When you have completed the B Nursing programme you will be able to work in hospitals, schools, communities, clinics, private practice, in industry, and in many other settings, including the military force. You may also specialise in operating theatre technique, midwifery, intensive care, orthopaedic or paediatric nursing and many other new fields such as forensic nursing, nurse practitioner and nurse advocate. There are also opportunities at the School of Nursing for further studies 

School of Nursing Contact Numbers

Telephone :  +27 21 959 2271 : Prospective Students

Telephone :  +27 21 959 3074 : Current Undergraduate Students

Telephone :  +27 21 959 3482 : Current Postgraduate Students 

Student Admissions and Applications

For all Student Admissions and Applications related queries, contact the UWC Contact Centre at:

Telephone :  +27 21 959 3900/01

Email Address: admissions@uwc.ac.za

UWC Postal Address

Postal Address :  University of the Western Cape  

Private Bag X17

Bellville 7535

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