SPU Src, the SRC approves and oversees the operations of all student clubs and societies.  Each society has it’s own elected student leadership and is responsible for organizing their own functions and monitoring their budgets.  Clubs and societies are required to send regular reports to the SRC reflecting on their activities, accounting for how they use funding allocated to them and contributing to the growth and development of student life.

Students are able to join the following societies:

Arts and Culture Societies

  • Read-between-the-lines Reading Club;
  • Heritage, Arts and Culture Expression Society (which includes the SPU drama group);
  • SPU Choir

Academic Interest Society

  • GeeKulcha Student Society

Raising Awareness and Special Interest Group Societies

  • Girls on the Move
  • BUA-SPU Student Newspaper

Political Societies

  • Democratic Alliance Students’ Organization
  • Economic Freedom Front Student Command
  • South African Students’ Congress

Religious Societies

  • Association of Catholic Tertiary Students
  • Dunamis Student Society
  • Student Bible Fellowship
  • Spirit Formed Ministries
  • Campus Ministry

Students can contact the SRC or student affairs, should they be interested in starting new societies to add to the array of student life activities at SPU.

Please consult the SRC for an update on the latest list of approved clubs and societies at SPU.