UWC T Shirts

UWC T Shirts, Create a design or illustration that communicates the message of UWC student(s) being proud and happy to be a student at UWC. We want to see pride, versatility, passion, commitment, loyalty and positivity!

But let’s be clear – we’re not looking for ranting, raving and disgruntled whining – this contest is about celebrating the university and the positive effects it can create for us and our continent. Your creation should promote the positive and practical ways in which UWC can make the world a better place!

Contest Do’s and Don’ts 

Do make use of the UWC logo and the UWC Alumni logo 

Do make the Design 210 x 297 mm 

Do create both a T-shirt design for a summer and winter range (2 x T-shirt designs) 

Do use only the official UWC colours: navy blue, gold and white 

Don’t use any fowl language or make reference to any prejudice or racist illustrations or comments