UWC Psychology

UWC Psychology, the Psychology Department offers a range of programmes spear headed by academics committed to social change and transformation. 

These programmes include an Honours degree, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters degree in Research Psychology, a Masters by thesis only and a Doctoral degree by dissertation.

Our niche areas in the department are varied and include but are not limited to: Substance abuse, child wellbeing, family resilience, women’s health including the psychology of reproductive health, all forms of violence including gender-based violence.

With this in mind, we invite applicants from all over to apply into our programmes. Remember to consult our academic programmes page for detailed information, dates and contacts on the programmes offered.


Our department explicitly adheres to the belief that, as a social science and applied discipline, Psychology should endeavour to optimise human development.  The central role that psychology has played in institutionalising repression, oppression and social control at various levels of society, is challenged through our resolve to reorientate and develop our discipline to address the interests of all people, and more particularly, the interests of marginalized and oppressed groups in our society.  We see the advancement of such an academic/practitioner model as being embodied in the following broad aims:

. In pursuit of the creation of the conditions essential for optimal human development, we commit ourselves to the democratic reconstruction of society.

ii. Through our research and other academic activities, we seek to contribute to the development of a more humane psychology, aimed essentially at improving the quality of human development.

iii. We endeavour to strive towards excellence in pursuit of our academic objectives, but never sacrificing the altruistic goals which should guide our discipline.

iv. We undertake to make the skills and knowledge associated with our discipline more accessible to the broader community in which our university is located.

v. We aim to produce graduates who can respect and advance the goals outlined above.

vi. We undertake to support and help build those organisations whose objectives correspond to the goals outlined above.