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Sefako Makgatho Student Accommodation

Sefako Makgatho Student Accommodation, We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University Student Affairs webpage. Thank you for affording our university the opportunity to contribute to your personal, social and career development through our array of academic and support programs that are on offer on our University. We recognize the fact that it may be your first experience of university life hence we advise you to give your studies first priority.


Residence and Catering

Services rendered

  • Proof of residence for students
  • Washing machines and tumble dyers
  • Kitchen and stove
  • Cleaning services
  • Issuing of tissues every month
  • Maintenance (renovations, replacement of damage goods etc) in partner with technical services.
  • TV rooms for entertainment
  • Each residence has a security officer for safety
  • Attend to students problems

Student-related activities/Committees



  • SMU I belong
  • Residence orientation
  • Ubuntu games
  • Bon fire
  • Green campus
  • SMU conversation
  • Ongoing orientation


  • House committee

Physical address: Clinical Pathology Building S530

Important residence rules

  • No alcohol and substance abuse
  • No tampering with Fire Fighting Equipment
  • No illegal squatting in the residences
  • No  noise and parties in the residence halls
  • No vandalism
  • No illegal Trading

General information

  • Proof of residence can be obtained from your residence manager
  • Your postal address; your name, residence name, room number, P O Box 154 Medunsa
  • All junior students share rooms
  • If you need help contact your residence manager
  • Report repairs and maintenance of your room to residence manager

Safety at residence:

  • Report the loss of your key to your residence manager/ it can be replaced at a cost
  • Secure your valuables in a safe place
  • Report any suspicious persons to residence manager and security
  • Keep your door closed and locked, especially when you are sleeping or alone in the room.
  • Switch off appliances when not in use

Staff members:

NameResidenceWorkShort noEmail
Ms Lindi Rampa012 521 4308[email protected]
Mrs V Thosago1A012 521 4013-6253[email protected]
MS A.M Mokwena5A and Med City012 521 5939-6355[email protected]
Ms P LekotoDrie Lilies079 732 5940[email protected]
Mr O ThekoaneDrie Lilies072 580 8982[email protected]
Mr P.J LouwSouth Point076 555 8921-6250[email protected]
Ms M.N VumaJST Rustenburg079 519 9049-6248[email protected]
Ms M.M Motau2B012 521 4694-6254[email protected]
Mr M.S Dunge1D012 521 5772-6255[email protected]
Ms L.M SkhosanaNurse Home GM012 521 3786[email protected]
Ms M.D Matjeni5B012 521 4096-6172[email protected]
Mr J Mnisi1B and 1C012 521 3996-6174[email protected]
Ms J.D MokokeLost City012 521 4727-6173[email protected]
Mr S Maboa4B012 521 5653-6050[email protected]
Mrs M KupaPolokwane Res[email protected]